Luck By Chance - Preview

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Romance and the usual things that ensue. Clever lines amongst preachy ones. Clichéd characters yet deeper too. There's equal scope to let go and enjoy or to observe and ponder.



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NOT A REVIEW - just wondering if it will use spoofing "Bollywood" as an excuse to repeat stereotypes all over again...

Khoya Khoya Chand gave us an insider's view of the Hindi film industry in the 50s-60s and Om Shanti Om did that for the 70s-80s. Now it is time for the audience to know what the scenario is like at present.

As I can see it things haven't changed much. There's the struggler and the star. The clueless director and the money-minded producer who cares two hoots about art in cinema. The jabs on superstition in the industry and the status of starlets. Luck by chance has it all too. All the clichés are taken care of in the promos. Hopefully they wanted to be done with them at the very beginning and the movie will take it from there.


I thoroughly enjoyed Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. and am very eager to see what Zoya Akhtar who was executive producer on that one does as a director with Luck by chance. Especially because she's trying her best to reassure us that they are not out to uncover the industry's belly -

it's not an expose of the industry, it is a story about people and human behaviour.
Like all fans of Hindi cinema, I look forward to any film Farhan Akhtar touches, in whatever capacity. Same goes for my eagerness to watch whatever little role Konkona Sen Sharma plays. It is the Farhan-Konkona combination that is the most intriguing. Whether it works or not - we'll know soon enough.

I must admit, Farhan in a circus lion-master costume on a poster intrigued me instantly. Yeah-yeah, as if I need an excuse for a movie to get me interested but as my eye moved to other people on the poster the costumes and make-up became more and more interesting.

There are other small things that I read about the movie that make me eagerly wait for tomorrow. Eg. This quote by