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wogma rating: Buy the DVD already (?) - If only to ensure that more indie films are made and released in India
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Debutante director Sandeep Mohan’s quirky characters and the Goan setting make this a truly enjoyable film, one that will make you happy about the movies once again. Films like this need to be supported so that more such films are made and more young filmmakers feel the need to express themselves.



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14 tweeters have given Love, Wrinkle-free an average rating of 3.9/5.0(?)

10 yays
2 nays
2 so-so
  • WordAddict_: Watched 'Love, wrinkle-free'. A nice, light low-budget film. Stellar actors, lovely setting. Go for it if you want nice entertainment.
  • tHeMomenTmAn: Love Wrinkle-free must be watched.
  • parmeshs: Pls go see Love Wrinkle Free. It's the funniest most heartwarming film I've seen in a while. (With Goa, edible underwear and more :-P )
  • panchal_akshay: Love Wrinkle Free Is An Outstanding Movie
  • ohkhalid: Love, Wrinkle-free, a surprise indie packet, pleasant comedy set in Goa. Loved Shernaz Patel...
  • MohitRaich: Hey ya'll, go check out "Love WrinkleFree"....killer costumes! #MohitandAastha
  • MissMalini: Love Wrinkle Free – A Feel-Good Film With Eclectic Performances by Sorabh Adershir, Shernaz Patel, Ash Chandler...
  • KetakiSavnal: Had a busy evening but managed to squeeze in love, wrinkle free. A little predictable and meandering but all in all a fun watch!
  • Fattiemama: If you haven't watched it yet, GO! Love, wrinkle-free – Movie Review via @sharethis
  • arunbt: 'Love, wrinkle free' was a great entertainer with loads of laugh with a salsa flavour! must watch! Plays only...
  • upayogkartanaam: Love wrinkle free- same old but put in a different manner..
  • samanthaR88: Too many wrinkles: Love, Wrinkle-Free is one of those films that mix charm and tedium in equal doses. Debutant d...
  • sarikagrover: #love wrinkle free: completely wrinkled. Too slow , slightly Random and amateurish . Some good acting though.
  • KolhapuriChapal: Small, independent films must be given a chance but Love, Wrinkle Free is just so tedious. :|