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Juvenile. Yep that's the only word that can be used to describe this one. I hope it doesn't strike a chord with the "youth" it targets for its scary if teenagers can identify with any of the rubbish shown on screen.



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55 tweeters have given Luv ka the end an average rating of 3.4/5.0(?)

33 yays
14 nays
8 so-so
  • tonyjothomas: Luv ka the end is entertaining, fun !! :-)
  • tiwari241189: just luv the movie luv ka the end...........................
  • TanvirUno: Just went for 2 movies at a stretch...... LUV KA THE END and FAST FIVE......just awesome.
  • Suyash_nk: girls go watch the movie Luv ka the end......its a grt movie to how not to cry after breakups....hahha...
  • SujataRaut: Luv ka the end..a mst mst mst watch movie..boys watch out ha...
  • shubhamtyagi2: Hey guyz..must watch luv ka the end awesome movie..ShradhaK iz lookin very cute::))
  • SanchitaTrivedi: LUV ka the END ... not bad haan ... I liked it :) :) :) u see gurl power :D
  • rachnaganatra: Took mom for *Luv ka the end * for mothers day eve. Just saw her laugh & enjoy like a school girl.:-) priceless. 10 stars from me!
  • PriyankaDatta: Jus saw Luv Ka The End! Nothings sweeter than revenge :) decent movie
  • PrincessPrerana: Luv Ka The End is a real Awesome... A must watch for all the gals out here........
  • PMakhijani: movie "Luv ka the end" is quite impressive...but only for generation X.
  • parmr: luv ka ...,...The End!! Rocks
  • paras_agarwal: LUV KA THE END rockz...................
  • LoveKatbir: Luv Ka The End rocks........ ^_^
  • kimberlyjones1: Luv Ka The End review: Great fun and lots of laughs!: So here you have it – a fun, breezy comedy about the gener...
  • kgill08: Go watch Luv ka the End. It's fun, fresh & fast paced. Good performances to boot. Kudos to the director Bumpy.
  • Kakshadesaii: saw luv ka the end movie... must see for girls #enjoyed
  • Kajalthatsme: Saw Luv Ka The End! I quite liked it...Shraddha Kapoor will go places...☻
  • jinali4shahid: guyssssss saw tdy luv ka the end was good....
  • jeeRahul: Just saw Luv ka the end. Fun film. Perfect teenage drama. And Shraddha kapoor is quite a delight.
  • harleenkaur3: 'Luv ka the End' is packed with wacky and nutty characters.Which one these resembles you ? 1.Rhea Dialdas 2.Luv...
  • divyabhavsar: Btw watched luv ka the end. Awesome! #wtfboys
  • divaesquee: luv ka the end....feel great after watchin it!!!!!!!! must watch fr every girl....
  • Dipzwarrior9: Luv Ka The End is a cool movie......
  • deepakpushkarna: Just watched movie 'luv ka the end' cool movie... :)
  • bigfatphoenix: Watched 'Luv Ka The End' - a surprisingly fun little film featuring the promising dialogue-writing debut of my friend Nikhil Vyas.
  • benobanuj: watchd "luv ka the end" nice one!
  • apurvnagpal: Luv Ka The End : Fun !! Interesting !!ttp://
  • ankit_j: LOL ! Luv Ka The End was good !! 4.5/5 !
  • anindya95: Call me crazy,but I actually loved 'Luv ka the End'!
  • addicted2shahid: Saw two awesome movies today!!! 17 again & Luv ka the end ...
  • Aadii_: Though its a remake of John Tucker Must Die but good too see a girl playing character in Luv Ka The End; when all others are shaking booties
  • usmanshabbir1: Luv Ka The End was Quite Ok Kinda Movie and there is a lesson For girls ! girls do Watch it <3 @yrfmovies
  • TheUltimWarrior: tuesday i went to watch luv ka the end..... nice movie........a 3 star movie.
  • SweetMadi94: Watched Luv Ka The End. I liked the revenge part. The movie is for teenagers only.
  • snehakataria: I watched 'Luv ka The End'...oh what a kiddish movie it is...but did I say it wasnt entertaining? :P
  • simopedia: Saw Luv Ka The End not a bad flim
  • saloni_thakker: Saw luv ka the end yesterday! Very cute flick.. Time pass types!! But nothing extraordinary..
  • MaryMorrow123: Luv Ka The End review: Great fun and lots of laughs!: Of course the film is not without its clichés – the fat gi...
  • hhhanmolhhh: Luv ka the End -nice flick although saare 500rs waale actor h bt intrestin nd gud time-pass...
  • TheratedNawaab: yuckkk... Luv ka the end sucks...
  • shanaysbafna: Luv Ka The End - 2/5
  • seeyanshah: Luv ka the end is a #flop
  • sara_ansh: 'Luv ka the end' mindlessly appalling.. Leaving at interval..
  • pavanwitha_v: Anyone watched 'Luv ka the End'?? Pls gv me a shoulder to cry on!! Booo hooo....
  • panku_: Luv ka the end. #shitty #crappy #kiddish
  • dfusein: Luv Ka The End got 1/5 Cows:
  • chaitanmurarka: Luv Ka The End is the lamest movie ever !!
  • beingtanya: It is really luv ka the end...made no sense! What were they tryin to do? Tom n jerry makes more sense to me!
  • Badmaash_Wewake: Luv Ka The End! Worst movie ever! Based on girl power!!!! I mean who gives a fuck about girl power! Let it be! Ruined my day! :|
  • Anasdalvi: I saw a film called 'Luv ka the End'. It's a pathetic film about 17 year olds who behave like 13 year olds but bitch like 17 year olds.
  • Amarkrishnajha: please avoid "luv ka the end" #learnfromothersmistake
  • akshata1986: LUV KA. THE END. Is horrible. Movie!!!!!!!
  • AdiMUFC: #DONOTWATCH - Luv Ka The End.