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When Kucch Luv Jaisaa started, I thought like Pyaar Ka Punchnaama was chicken soup for the frustrated young man's soul, this one would be just what the doctor ordered for the bored-with-Ekta-serials' souls. But, I doubt they'd see themselves run silly behind a stranger with a gun.



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31 tweeters have given Kuchh Luv Jaisa an average rating of 1.4/5.0(?)

8 yays
22 nays
1 so-so
  • vickiverma: Watched 'kuch luv jaisa' nice piece of art....
  • tejas_tamhane: Watched 'Kuch Luv Jaisa', feel-good movie, @RahulBose1 is good not awesome and has a weird accent, Shefali is super cute.
  • TanPats: 'Kuch luv jaisa' amazing !! Fallin head over heels In ♥ with @RahulBose1 .. All over again !
  • rahulghadia: 'kuchh luv jaisa' is good
  • preetamd1: watched kuch luv jaisa....rahul and shefali pulled it off...
  • kalidasforever: Jus seen 'kuch LUV jaisa' sweet flick !! @RahulBose1 looked and sounded different, was expecting he'd look more stylish !! but liked it !!
  • CrajsFashion: Kuchh Luv Jaisa . . . A must watch for married couples !
  • 80abhishek: Kuch Luv Jaisa.. Awesome movie.. :)
  • Ahmed_Mumbai: Watched "kuch Luv Jaisa".... Gud beginning...dragged in the 2nd hlf...Shifali lkd hot and Rahul coooool.
  • _pwn: Watched Kuch Luv Jaisa yesterday due to non-availability of tickets of other movies. Neend me banaa di lagtaa hai ye film !!
  • ziyasjadu007: What a shit movie!!kuch luv jaisa..... My 2hrs of life I'll never get back...total bakwas mve.
  • simopedia: Kuch Luv Jaisa absolutely patehtic
  • SiddharthKD: Kucch Luv Jaisaa: 2/5 This is not about extra-marital affairs. A slow paced movie showin the lover in different identities.
  • shawnarranha: Kucch Luv Jaisaa is not compelling enough
  • shachinb: Kuch Luv Jaisa 1 of d most boring & meaningless movies. Seriously disappointd w/ @RahulBose1. He better stay at d sports stands 4 sometime!
  • sajidasfi: Kuch luv jaisa is bilkul bakwaas jaisa @RahulBose1 http://myloc.me/mobile.php?id=koqAS
  • sabrangradio: 'Kucch Luv Jaisaa' falters in execution...http://www.sabrangradio.net/bollywoodspy/desc.php?id=312
  • RjDhvanit: Kuchh Luv Jaisa - 0.5 mirchi Hangover 2 - 3 mirchis Kung Fu Panda 2 - 4 mirchis
  • powerful_ideas_: Kucch Luv Jaisaa: Not a fun ride: To her credit, director Barnali Ray Shukla does have an interesting premise at... http://bit.ly/kEozV8
  • paediatrix: Watched Kuch Luv Jaisa: Hardly anything that could be called kuch story jaisa! SLOOOOOOW!
  • Nandinised: U shud never try Kuch Luv Jaisa just because other stuff start a little late...#bad..#experience!!
  • movierecos: KUCCH LUV JAISAA – Not Really LUV Jaisaa!: Here comes another lovestruck movie that does not compl... http://bit.ly/jxOVUs @movietickets
  • Missf7: Kuch luv jaisa....wish there was something movie jaisa...
  • iPandeyAbhishek: #Watched2day Kuch Luv Jaisa. Ok but kinda slow movie. Didn't worth 200 bucks. Poor me! It feels like putting my hard earned money on fire :)
  • hautesaiff: Kuch Luv jaisa #FLOPSHOW Left it in the interval!
  • gproactivek: KUCH LUV JAISA: Extremely boring. Hollow, ridiculous movie. Total waste of time and money. Avoid.
  • fundoofun: Kucch Luv Jaisaa does not live upto expectations | Film Reviews | Bollywood | Fundoofun.com http://www.fundoofun.com/bollywood/kucch-luv-jaisaa-does-not-live-upto-expectations-film-reviews/563
  • Dipilicious: kuch luv jaisa is such a Fuck all movie
  • DebraWiliams: 'Kucch Luv Jaisaa' falters in execution
  • CoolkarniVky: "Kucch Luv Jaisaa" : a good storyline wasted in the end.. only good part is knowing after-effects when you 4get wife's bday ! :D STAY AWAY
  • bhavneet_sodhi: Kuch luv jaisa... Faltu muvee.