Krazzy 4 - Preview

wogma rating: Watch if you have nothing better to do (?)
quick review:

Sarcastic spewing on the state of the nation, comic timing and peppy item numbers by the reigning "stars" provide a few select moments of entertainment. Other than that, vanilla slapstick is what it is.



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NOT A REVIEW - just my take on pre-release takes of others...

The four characters of Krazzy 4 are described as "Crazy for anger", "Crazy for cleanliness", "Crazy for freedom" and at this point they lost interest in looking for things that a person could be crazy "for", so they came up with the brilliant..."Simply crazy". Now before I am labeled as "Crazy for English" or much worse "Crazy for Sanity in Indian cinema", let's move on to what other people think.

Speaking of crazy people becoming a source of entertainment to the non-crazy population, A mother in India is offended by the trivialized portrayal of a cruel and devastating illness. In her blog, she talks about her experiences and challenges in getting help for her daughter who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

'Krazzy-4' is produced by a Bollywood Czar. One of the 'Krazzy-4' characters is titled ‘Schizophrenic' Gangadhar. Apparently ‘Schizophrenic' Gangadhar has wonderful hallucinations with Gandhi, Nehru and all the icons of Indian History. I wonder if Gangadhar had been suffering from Cancer would the makers of the film have the gall to brand him as ‘Cancerous Gangadhar’ and the movie titled ‘Malignant 4’?

Sensitivity has never been our strong point, especially in the slapstick genre. Whether it be mental illnesses or using homosexuality as a subject of rude and crude humor. Being closely associated with 2-3 people suffering from schizophrenia, I completely empathize with "A mother in India". These people are already heavily marginalized and are extremely low on confidence, do they really need us to laugh at them?

So, let's see what the Bollywood Czar has to say about his latest production.

The idea of the story came to me almost 8 to 10 years ago...after observing Jaideep Sen closely whilst making gaya and Krrish, I wanted to give him a break as an independent director and decided that he had the right sensibility and would not go over the top directing Krazzy 4...


My major concern was that none of the characters end up as caricatures, especially since the film totally revolved around these four.


And finally...

In keeping with the Filmkraft ethos, Krazzy 4, too is not your usual run-of-the-mill film.

I promise to reserve judgement till after I have seen the movie. Maybe we will be pleasantly surprised and we will be laughing with the Krazzy 4 and not at them.