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The crime-related questions that Kidnap asks are worth pondering over. But the glaring loopholes don't allow you to get absorbed completely.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just wondering what I should look forward to more - A thriller, Sanjay Dutt or Imran Khan?

"Does committing a crime make you a criminal?" is a question director, Sanjay Gadhvi, wants to ask his viewers in Kidnap. He says he has attempted to do it without taking sides.

There is no attempt to preach any philosophy of any kind and the film is packaged to serve its primary purpose...and that is to entertain the viewer... and yet to make him think just a little bit as he walks out.

Make me think? This coming from the maker of the inanity called Dhoom? A little more googling and I reach an interview by him on NDTV.

But Gadhvi revealed that he never wanted to make Dhoom in the first place "I never wanted to become a director who makes the Dhoom kind of films ... Yash Raj was like the parents' home. I was the child that left home. And I got the script and title of Kidnap as a going-away gift."

The Yash Raj formula in terms of having the masala essentials of the movie seems to have carried forward though. The "bikini song" craze used for Tashan and Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic seems to have been carried forward to Kidnap too. I'm sure the script requires it.

Now this is what he says about Imran's role in the script -

Although Imran has a sizeable part in the film, the director says Kidnap is Sanjay Dutt's film.

Now that would come as a disappointment to all those getting excited by the Imran-heavy promos. I'm sure neither the director nor the script have any say in that. And who can be blamed on cashing in on the Jaane tu... mania? Though Sanjay Gadhvi does say that -

From Jaane Tu... to Kidnap is like Kashmir to Kanyakumari for Imran. His character carries the weight of the world on his shoulders like Mr. (Amitabh) Bachchan in Zanjeer. that's some expectation to carry around...