Khatta Meetha - Preview

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Khatta Meeta is an attempt to portray political satire on the current situation of corruption and dirty politics in the country. The comedy is tasteless, and has no direction and the story serves no purpose.



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A few days ago, Rajeev Masand, a well-known movie critic tweeted -

Need innovative ideas 2 promote films in competitive times. But Akshay Kumar grinning like a jackass at RKLaxman's hospital bed is a new low

This was in reaction to Akshay Kumar's hospital visit to Padmavibhushan R K Laxman after he'd suffered 3 strokes. Father of the Bollywood nation, Amitabh Bachchan, took offense at the language used by the honorable member of the critiquing fraternity. To which of course, the reprimanded critic had to respond.

What a fun day it was in the twitverse!? Turns out there actually is a fraternity of the critics who stood by Masand in these times of having to face the film fraternities wrath. Everyone and anyone connected to the episode ended up being called a Jackass. So much for propriety. And we have Ranvir Shorey making a very valid query -

Hey I have a sincere question: Why aren't 'film' critics considered part of the 'film' fraternity?

Look at the dark humor in it, right? In the twitter-world, the film now has much more publicity than it would have had otherwise. The most fundamental result of any controversy. And get this... Mr. Laxman hasn't a clue and couldn't be bothered either.

He’s never been much of a Bollywood man and was always selective about the cinema he patronized."He can only follow colloquial Hindi,” explained Kamala,"that’s the language his common man spoke in the teleserial Wagle Ki Duniya.”


Oh, and when you read further down, look at what Priyadarshan-Akshay Kumar are promising...

The film’s a cerebral comedy about corruption in the system, especially in the construction of roads, everybody can see what condition our roads are in... during the rains, the potholes are unbelievable

In a way, it is only a good thing that the brilliant cartoonist doesn't recognize Akshay and in all likelihood might not watch the film. Just look at what our supposed-common man is upto -

Or should we thank the makers for visualizing every common man's fantasy of wearing sleeveless Rajasthani outfits? Or is he just aspiring to be the"star", Akshay Kumar?

I guess I should apologize for my overly sarcastic tone. I cannot but help, being disgusted and in-a-way insulted at the thought of a loud and over-the-top Akshay Kumar even attempting to capture the nuances of a man on the street, especially the one created by R K Laxman.

deep breathe in

long breathe out


For what it's worth though, the music is peppy and sounds like it has repeat value. In fact, milliblog loved the Marathi track, the editors at bollyspice are thoroughly impressed with 'aila aila' musicaloud recommends it too. Apun ka choice vouches for the fun element in the album. The only negative review is from IANS.

Oh yeah, and by the way. With the film making a political and societal statement, is Priyadarshan actually making a film with a purpose? Well, let's hope the unimaginable can happen on July 23rd.