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Jodi Breakers

quick review:

Jodi Breakers is another cold rom-com for this 'month of love'. There are a few moments where you begin to hope for chemistry between the lead pair only to see it fizzle away into a ridiculous story.

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108 tweeters have given Jodi Breakers an average rating of 1.3/5.0(?)

19 yays
73 nays
16 so-so
  • YuvrajGang: Must watch Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya Realy Lovely movie Bole to Rapchik ;) \m/ | Jodi Breaker Is also Good Movie Movie
  • xatitude: watched two movies back to back... "tere naal luv ho gya" & "jodi breakers".. tere naal is sweet... jodi breakers boring...
  • VrindaKanani: Jodi Breakers: Crappiest shit everrr! :& 3-|
  • Vjuneesh: Jodi Breaker : A light movie. Predictable scenes n story. Have some really funny moments. Madhvan really good in serious moments. Gd music
  • ur_gift_ideas: Jodi Breakers: No laughs or romance in sexist fantasy: Oddly, about halfway through, the film suddenly metamorphoses from bachelor fl...
  • Tushar_K10: Sunday irony: Back from watchin #Jodi Breakers nd hours remainin b4 I leave for a wedding, neways 1 time watch movie, Maddy n Bips nice pair
  • TumharaHero: Jodi Breakers vs. Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya. 2 Movies. One Weekend. Got Money + Got Time= Watch Both!!! @geneliad @DhoopAshwini @OmiOneKenobe
  • TheDabas: 'Jodi Breakers', straight from Dr.Jackal's lab. Cruel torture.
  • teraKaminaDost: Bipasha Basu !! Body of Poonam Pandey, face of Rakhi Sawant !!!! Paiso ki barbaadi hai Jodi Breakers !!
  • TaranUnadarsh: Jodi Breaker mat dekhiyo!! Gaand fatt jayegi!! Bips looks super slut!!
  • sumitsaurabh: when jodi breakers end,it was like moment of victory for all of us.'finally the movie ends!!!'
  • SuchitaVaidya: Sat thru 'Jodi Breakers'.. And survived. Sunday well spent. Or not :-/
  • StyleMeIndia: ‘Jodi Breakers’ is fun all the way
  • srirampatil: So Jodi Breakers turned out to be Jodi Makers at the end... Losers!
  • sreerajsnair: Jodi Breakers: This Jodi fails to work: Ashwini Choudhary's Jodi Breakers is about Sid (R. Madhavan), a newly di...
  • sramugade: Jodi breakers sucks !!! Pleaseach torched I am.
  • SorabhBajaj: Jodi breakers deserves one watch
  • Soni001Soni: mujhe ye movie bahut buri & boring lagi hai, or ir movie ka director to mujhe "jodi-breaker" nahi balki" boring movie maker" laga
  • simopedia: Jodi Breakers pathetic movie
  • shalinikochhar: Madhavan needs to lose some serious weight!Jodi Breakers awful movie, what were they thinking! Waste of a Sunday evening!
  • ShakeKar: yawn yawn yawn.. zzzzzz RT @ZoomTV Hey guys, what's your review of ‘Jodi Breakers’? #MyReview #zoOmTV
  • sarthisanu: jodi breakers - 1st half is good , 2nd half borrrrrrring
  • SarahMonicaxo: Jodi Breakers is actually a funny film :D love @bipsluvurself ahh <3
  • santoshkunwar: beware of "jodi breakers".... its terrible :-@
  • SantaSachin: Bakwas yuck .. Beer pee le un paison ki RT @crazy_jugni: Jodi breakers Reviews neone ??
  • sanjib6095: " Jodi breaker" such a boring movie...
  • sandipchan2010: "Jodi Breaker" Worst movie of the year but good message for youngsters.
  • sakhispeaks: Movie Review: Jodi Breakers - Suffering from Serious BBB Hangover! - RT if you like ;)
  • RRArvindNawin: Hey guys just returned home after watchin d movie 'JODI BREAKERS' It is really a fun filled n entertaining movie...Luved Omi Vaidya's comedy
  • ronitroy: Jodi breakers is not cool.
  • rohit8712: Jodi breakers movie sucks..bipasha looks so aunty !!!
  • rinav26: Jodi Breakers ... Bakwas ...
  • rathod_hiren: Jodi Breakers... YAAAWWWNNN!!!
  • RadioSANGEET: 'Jodi Breakers' is a cheeky entertainer which takes a peek a boo into dysfunctional romantic relationships that...
  • punit0708: Today I enjoyed a lot with my frnds.... We laugh a lot......jodi breaker is good movie..
  • priyanshu2925: just wathed jodi breakers .its horrible
  • pritishboney: "Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya" and "Jodi Breakers" both are worst movies of this week... don't waste your money....
  • pradx: Jodi Breakers is a nice movie. 3/5 stars. Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya has something missing. 2/5 stars.
  • Pkkesharwani: “As a punishment, Team India players should be locked inside a theatre for a day playing back to back shows of 'Jodi breakers'.”
  • pallav7889: Watched jodi breakers yesterday.. And i've only one word to describe it-> epic DISASTER. #degradingcinema
  • Nikhil_Rams: Jodi Breakers though cliched in parts is a decent one time watch with good music, fab locales and good performances by Maddy, Bips and Omi
  • NellyMirchi: Jodi Breakers is good. Mostly predictable.
  • nandusabkabandu: Making movies like jodi breakers#ThingsPeopleHaveToStopDoing
  • NanduButy: #Jodi breakers...not bad. Better than Ek Mai Ek Tu
  • nadarkaran: watched jodi breakers .....its a must watch film !gr8 work by madhavan !
  • MYtkafe: Jodi Breakers | Review | 3/5
  • muksu4u: Watched Jodi Breaker! Its worth 1 time watch..
  • MuhammedIshaque: jodi breaker is worstest movie ever. I swear
  • MrSanjay100: Jodi Breakers really disappoints..go to watch the film only if you are a fan of either Madhavan or Bips.
  • mehrapratibha: Jodi Breakers is an avg film but wat score here is Biapasa Basu......she luks stunning in de movie...Watch movie only for her...
  • meedan_kewl: Review: Jodi Breakers is seriously flawed #bollynews #breakers #flawed #jodi #review
  • meeavinash: jodi breaker tym watch ,fun movie!!!!!!!
  • Mavaliii: Dont watch jodi breakers #issuedinpublicintrest
  • mallika2010: Tere naal love hogaya was better than Jodi breakers!!must admit!!
  • mahak103: Jodi breakers too good moviee :-) should see
  • LopamudraaDaas: 'Jodi Breakers' ..good time pass but very slow ..:(
  • LoKarloFart: watched Jodi Breakers Today suggestion to others "Please watch it on cable ;-> #MovieReview
  • k_disha: Jodi breakers happened tonight with dad & OMG it was a HEAD breaker, i thought i'll die with a stroke!
  • Kumarpkumarmoca: Today I watch movie, Jodi Breaker, maza nhi aaya, Tere Nal Love Ho Gaya zayada achchi h....
  • Kamineycation: Jodi Breakers is just an average flick. Quite different story but the lead jodi's were not so hot jodi.Could have been better starcast.
  • kamaljeetss: Great day....watched jodi breakers ultimate movie..☺
  • johnabrahamhot: Bips News: Hindi Movie Review Jodi Breakers Rating * *: Hindi Movie Review Jodi Breakers Rating * * Aftab Alam ...
  • Je_Baat: Is suffering from IQ damage after sitting through jodi breakers. Let this be a lesson to avoid such movies no matter how jobless you are.
  • jazzrajpurohit: Picture script se bunti hai boss , Star se nahi ! See Jodi breakers , Players & Tere naal love ho gaya to confirm !
  • JayshreeSundar: Ashamed to admit I suffered from a bad lapse of judgment. Saw a godawful film Jodi breakers. No one sd watch it even free on TV.
  • jaypatel9700: Jodi Breakers ....what a bore..*yawn*
  • jatin1980: #Jodi breaker flop of the year
  • induslilworld: Jodi breakers is a nice watch till the interval . It's all downhill from there .
  • InCircular: Just saw Jodi Breakers! Isn't it amazing how u ll end up doing just abt anything wen u r bored!
  • ImTwinkleRaina: Jodi Breakers is bekaar!!!!!!!!!!!
  • imemranhashmi: Hindi Movie Review Jodi Breakers Rating * *: Apart from an unconventional jodi, there were plenty of things that...
  • iamsmack: aftr yestrdays debacle, wit jodi breakers i m again wastng my money for tere naal love ho gaya. #moral i hvnt learnt nethng.
  • Ha_shit: Jodi Breakers or Dimaag Breakers. You decide?
  • girijanair: #Rockstar lovely watch after the trauma of Jodi Breakers..i still m amazed at the risks I take wid my weekends..
  • gaurinandan: Today I truly understood the meaning of Opposites. Watched Jodi Breakers & The Artist on the same day.
  • gaurav903: Hiee bipasha mam ! Saw jodi breakers 2day...enjoyd d movie .gr8performance by u@bipsluvurself
  • gaurav16485: Never ever see a movie without taking its review..⁰Bitter lesson learnt from "jodi breakers"
  • Funny_Leone: None. The theaters r takin the movie away.. “@ZoomTV: Which movie takes it away :P ‘Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya’ or ‘Jodi Breakers’? #MyReview"
  • frenkiguy: yeah lyked the movie JODI BREAKERS... juzz watched!! frnzz try it
  • Fattiemama: Ho-Hum. But why Bipasha and Madhavan? Actu why either of them at all? Jodi Breakers – Movie Review
  • FarihaOsmani: Last night was the first in my entire life when I walked out of a movie in the cinema! Jodi Breakers was disappointing!
  • EkCupCoffee: Finished With Jodi Breakers. Everything Is Pathetic. Even Bipasha Basu's Legs. Kindly Don't Watch. (1/5 Stars)
  • editorbharathi: Jodi Breakers is predctable as 4 d umpteenth tym a grl & guy mke a pact of nt falling in luv bt still do. @DhoopAshwini
  • DravBipashaFan: JODI BREAKERS RT @ZoomTV: Which movie takes it away :P ‘Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya’ or ‘Jodi Breakers’? #MyReview #zoOmTV
  • dpk_ag: Jodi breakers #FAIL.
  • devilsShawty: Jodi Breakers = Shitty Movie !! 2.5 hrs of torture
  • crusoe0077: jodi breaker is worstest movie ever. I swear
  • ChitraChaudhuri: A cool movie to watch "Jodi Breakers" entertainment, romance and fun. #Bipasha
  • CA_JATIN: jodi breakers seen . Not satisfied, atleast not family movie
  • bobspop: jodi breakers is a good rom-com venture with some incredible performances.yet the magic or the x factor was missing
  • BipashaFanClub: "Jodi Breakers - A fun film with a few twists" movie review by @tutejajoginder, IndiaGlitz - 3 STARS
  • ayush_1901: Jodi Breakers shoots to one of the worst 5 movies I ever paid to watch. Absolute tragedy :(
  • AyeNuMe: #Review "@pradoshkj: @Kamineycation @AyeNuMe Jodi breakers has made me to take umpteen number of breaks to have fresh air . #flopshow"
  • atulagarwal93: Jodi breakers **** @bipsluvurself n maddy......u both rock....:-):-):-D:-D:-D
  • ashishkumar86d: Watched Jodi Breakers. Started well..Very Stylish..2/3 rd part is boring.ended good.overall a timepass movie.Omi vaidya's speech is grt.
  • Arpit_rathi: Victim of another DUMB #BOLLYWOOD movie , this time JODI BREAKERS !
  • AparnaHajirnis: Jodi breakers is basically a reunion of former gladrags models!
  • AnuragRekhde: Jodi Breaker one line review " HO HUM"
  • Anisha_B_Nair: Jodi Breakers: first half ok.. second half i missed a little since i dozzzed off... worst is bipasha giving a lecture on kissing.. :P
  • Angelic_Ann_: Jodi Breakers #TimeWaste
  • alan_hosur: "Jodi Breakers" - Neither the cast nor the director was sure of whatz running on screen #fb
  • AjeetabhChauhan: My review for jodi breaker : #KuchhBhi
  • aditya_grover: (It's my opinion. . .) JODI BREAKERS (1.5/5)
  • actor_vcr: #jodi breakers not upto d mark bad choice by maddy :( 2 weak screenplay.omi was osm ;)
  • AbindusGUY: OK, 3 stars 4 'Jodi Breakers' and 3.5 4 'Moneyball'... #Chuteja
  • Aadii_: Jodi Breaker, Not a bad experience all & all, Recommendation for the weekend
  • 0zair: Article 19 of Indian constitution guarantees Freedom of Speech n Expression.Ds it gv da ppl da right 2mk shitty movies lyk JODI BREAKERS?

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thank god I didn't read reviews before watching this. decent average flick but poorly rated by imdb.had a nice time watching this.

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