Indu Sarkar - Preview

wogma rating: Even the keen, wait for DVD (?)
quick review:

Intertwining stories of Indu Sarkar, the protagonist and Indira's sarkar leave the movie neither here nor there.



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You might not like his films, but Madhur Bhandarkar hardly ever falls short of giving us an intense drama. Sure, more is at stake here. Because the stones unturned are hurling back at him already. But, I am sure, he must have expected that.

I don't understand politics, but one thing I have understood is that this country's ruling party has never really had a strong opposition. And just from the trailer, I see the “emergency” as a lesson in what happens when the ruling party goes on unchecked for a long time.

Maybe this is a chapter that needs to be in History textbooks. A lesson that the next generation needs. Meanwhile, as far as the movie goes, an ntense drama that will move the insides, is what I am looking forward to.

Indu Sarkar releases on 28 July, 2017