Hulla - Preview

wogma rating: Watch if you have nothing better to do (?)
quick review:

With sub-plots repeating themselves, the entire plot leans towards boring. But it's realistic enough for you to sense your housing society on the big screen.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just curious to see on screen what I've been following for almost a year on the movie's blog.

I'm sure all moviemakers are as passionate about their product as the team of Hulla. It's just that you can read their experiences first hand on their blog. There are snippets of their experience from the pre-production days all the way till the constant postponement of the release.

It all seems unedited, because you can hear the Chief Assistant Director complain about the rest of the crew. Similarly you see the director talking about his vision and insecurities. He also pours out his angst against all and sundry - from his frustration with the producers, right down to the costume designer. He talks about what he learnt from the way his core team disintegrated. He even makes a generalized comment on FTII alumni.

Finally, the film has been received well by people who have seen it at festivals and by people who have seen the movie on its way to the release. Here are the director's words describing his reaction -

The responses to the film from unlikely sources make me feel optimistic, but I daren’t give full rein to it. High standards, low expectations – as Indian Ocean’s Rahul Ram says. The Foley guys loved the film, the DI people made a special reference to how “enjoyable and fresh” it was, the Dolby guy said he was “pleasantly surprised” at how “intelligent” the film is, and the Censor board viewing had a member calling up a person from the cast he knew and raving about the film. These are people who see several films a week, and are not given to undue enthusiasms, so who knows what signs their reactions bear? But the film and its creators have been through too many disappointments in the last 4 years, so enough said.

I, for one, am as eager as ever to watch a mostly fresh crew make its debut.