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Despite having a predictable storyline, How To Train Your Dragon has enough going for it to keep you thoroughly entertained. The animation is breathtaking (Dreamworks is pushing the envelope with every film), the action sequences are spectacular, as are the scenes where Hiccup takes flight with his dragon Toothless. One of those DVDs, which is a safe bet when friends come over and you don’t mind watching it again and again.



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Plot Summary

Set in the village of Vikings, who are often attacked by pests (read dragons), HTTYD tells the story of Hiccup, son of the village chief Stoik who uses his invention to shoot down a much sought after, but highly dangerous dragon. Soon he discovers that he hasn’t killed it all and unlike a typical Viking, cannot get himself to slay it. What initially begins with resistance eventually develops into friendship between Hiccup and creature which he names Toothless. His interaction with the cute-but-fire-breathing dragon makes him realise that humans have misunderstood the dragon species completely. How he comes out in the open about his friendship with Hiccup and convinces the rest of the villagers about their true merit, forms the rest of the story.