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One wonders if books should really be converted to films. It doesn't always work out better.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just wondering if another youth-oriented movie can be well made?

Director Atul Agnihotri says that he was inspired to make a movie out of Chetan Bhagat's book, One night @ the call center after his 7 year old daughter recommended it to him.

The book is about people who are atleast triple her age, their problems and about deglamorizing jobs at call centers. That a 7 year old even read it shows how easy to read it is. And easy on the gray cells is what Salman Khan starrers are known to be any way.

But, anyone who has read the book can tell you that Salman and Katrina Kaif are only going to play narrators. It's more about the 6 people who work at the call center representing the youth of the country. Chetan has no qualms about keeping his language simple in order to connect to more people -

The language used in a book ought to be to communicate ideas. It is easy to impress someone by using multi-syllable words. It is much more difficult to write simply. Just because you don't need a dictionary to understand my book, it does not mean it cannot have emotions. Flowery language kills humour. Anyway, it is not my cup of tea.


My first goal is to make my readers happy. This can come from the enjoyment they get while reading the book, or a positive influence the book can become in their lives. My second goal is a personal agenda to do whatever I can to make India a developed country as soon as possible.

Atul echoes this last sentiment -

The story gripped me... ... ... It was fun and relatable. Most important, it was inspiring enough that it could change the course of young Indians' lives.

While it sounds like a lofty aim, like it or not, the book was about talking to your conscience. And when well-made a movie about the youth has connected with its audience. Dil Chahta Hai, Jaane tu... and Rock On!! have surely proven that. And the cast of Hello has enough talent to bring it across.

So, will we be compelled to answer that inner call while we are having fun?