Hari Puttar - Preview

wogma rating: Switch channels if it's on cable (?) - Even if kids don't want to!
quick review:

This one should be completely avoided. Shouldn't it take more than farts, slaps, abuse & barely clad women to entertain our kids?



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NOT A REVIEW - Just wondering what it is, if it is neither Harry Potter nor Home Alone.

There was some sms joke doing the rounds,

"What would Harry Potter be called if he was born in Punjab?" Answer: Hari Puttar

Ha ha ha ha... Not really, but anyways, no one can be blamed for thinking the name of the movie Hari Puttar is a spoof on Harry Potter. But, in an interview with rediff, director Lucky Kohli explains -

Hari is a very common name, and 'Puttar' is a word every other person uses to address their son, especially in Punjabi.

O-kay...and anyway doesn't matter much if there is no magic or wizardry involved. So, you go ahead and check out the official site which introduces you to the movie with -

A large empty house... 2 burglars with nasty plans... A smart kid with nastier ones...

Hey, I see that one almost once a month thanks to two mischevious kids of my own who love Home Alone to bits. But, I'm quickly corrected by a reminder from the same interview -

My film has 10 children, songs and graphics that Home Alone didn't have.

But then, doesn't Harry Potter have these elements? Never mind...

Then the interview takes an interesting turn -

What is the inspiration for the film? My children. The story was by Rajesh Bajaj and the pranks were adapted from a film called Carry On.
Aah...that stops me from wondering any more...

An encouraging note from Saurabh Shukla who plays one of the burglars, in an interview with Buzz18 -

What are your expectations from Hari Puttar?

Oh tremendous. I truly believe that this is a film for the whole family. A parent may go for the film to indulge his child but when he comes out of the theatre he will realise he has done himself a favour.

Wow...let's see some of us agree...