Gulaal - Preview

wogma rating: Pride of your DVD shelf (?)
quick review:

A political drama with some of the most intense performances. What more could a thinking brain ask for? Sure, there'll be nits to be picked but while walking out I just wanted to savor the experience.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just wondering what is up Anurag's sleeve this time...

Anurag Kashyap must be one of the few directors in recent times whose movies are known by his name and not by the cast. Even my mom is aware that she's going into a Kashyap movie. You can’t say this about many directors.

And Gulaal is his dream project. So I'm extremely curious about what it has in store for me. It's not abstract and it looks like it has a directly comprehensible plot. It's not a simple love story either. This time it looks like we are getting into political nitty-gritty and complexity. Political discontent and angst against established systems can be very engaging if the right atmosphere is created and there are enough plot points coming together. And this is exactly what the promos imply.

Elsewhere an article gives the plot a superlative adjective -

Similar to a Shakespearean fable of desire, lost identities, love, greed, violence, murder, deceit, power and innocence, it is a film inspired by poetry; the forgotten male, macho world of power, corruption and greed, where women are just means to an end while nobody can be trusted.

While I wouldn't go to that extent (well at least not before having seen the movie) the songs too have depth, smartness and political references in them. Sample this -

Anyway, if not for anything else, one ought to look forward to music from Anurag Kashyap movies. They certainly have something novel each time. This time it's Piyush Mishra who has composed and written 8 songs, out of which two are 7.5 minutes each. Since the songs are a tribute to Sahir Ludhianvi, the songs have that oldish, melancholic, melodious feel to them.

We have tried to create the music era of 60s and 70s and as the film is the tribute the great poet, people can expect some great compositions this time," the music director says.

Some detailed music reviews - here, here, and here. After Dev D, seeing Mahi Gill on screen is another attraction too. Though this time it's only a short role. In general, I think like anyone who has liked Dev D, I'll have to realign my expectations and not let them take away from the next experience.