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A war thriller that has potential to tingle your patriotism and even bring you to your seat's edge. But for the melodrama and the technical stuff that seems just too implausible.



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86 tweeters have given The Ghazi Attack an average rating of 4.9/5.0(?)

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  • _VMDian_: If you are not doing anything today, then go far "The Ghazi Attack ". Superb movie. Based on true story. Thumbs Up
  • zeefred: The Ghazi Attack: A War Film With Real Touch Is A Must Watch
  • YagneshOfficial: Friends, Hindi film The Ghazi Attack is a must watch film about the war we didn't know much about it. Plz go n wat…
  • WriterAmol: The Ghazi Attack - What a wonderfully made film! Great and impactful visuals.
  • virbrijT: #Review : Seen "Ghazi Attack" movie. Naval ground, spectacular Indian war film. Must be made #taxfree.
  • VinayKarri: The Ghazi Attack - Fell short of words. You need to experience it. Do watch it in cinemas near you.
  • tweettokarishma: Somewhere between Bombay Velvet and The Ghazi attack, "THE Karan Johar" came back in action. Brilliant movie @karanjohar. *Applauds*
  • TTLeeBrown: The Ghazi Attack Review {3/5}: Despite the hitches, this underwater thriller is worth a watch
  • This_isAbhishek: Loved the ghazi attack.Amazing screenplay.Thrilling action.Amazing performance by @RanaDaggubati ,kay kay Menon,@atul_kulkarni .Its phenomnl
  • thecandidcolors: The Ghazi Attack- an awesome movie <3
  • SwapnilGondkar: Awesome movie... The Ghazi Attack @atul_kulkarni @RanaDaggubati @taapsee Proud to be an Indian
  • sunil_sl: The Ghazi attack. A must watch movie. Indian submarine S21 destroying Pakistan's Ghazi which was about to...
  • stakhil: #TheGhaziAttack Review - A sure shot must watch for everyone via @wordpressdotcom
  • sriram_7c: The Ghazi Attack - Marvellous, Perfect and Excellent.Perfect tribute to Indian Navy!
  • SNEHhere: The Ghazi Attack. A Must watch Movie for all .. 10 out of 10 on script and research work by team Sankalp...
  • sndp89: Just watched #The Ghazi Attack..what a masterpiece.A film which one should definitely [email protected] you are too good man
  • singhdevyani: The Gazi Attack is a decent attempt. Although not a patch in terms of intensity of the likes of Crimson Tide, it does hold its own!
  • singhamritpal72: Everyone must watch this incredibe and great movie The Gazi Attack @SunielVShetty @SrBachchan @Riteishd
  • shobhit_arya_: The Ghazi Attack is a milestone in the Indian Film Industry 4*/5 #theghaziattack
  • shinoyx: Films like The Ghazi Attack must be encouraged with commercial success. Bollywood must nourish such no nonsense films!
  • saurabhkalra5: The Ghazi Attack.... Good concept.. execution could be a bit better... 9/10
  • saurabhc87: The film The Ghazi Attack is really good. Something different from the other films based on war. Actor Ranna Daggubati did really well.
  • santhoshreddyg7: The Ghazi Attack Director Sankalp Reddy deserves a standing ovation. @RanaDaggubati @taapsee @KayKayMenon4U
  • SandipsBirthday: The Ghazi Attack is the best Indian war film. #mustwatch #TheGhaziAttack
  • Sandhyavikash: the ghazi attack .... must watch film
  • RUPAL1984: The Ghazi Attack is really a nice movie
  • ROMILSHRIVASTA7: #the_ghazi_attack Really awesome movie..must watch.. Proud feeling in theatres because you have stand for three times in the cinemas..!
  • rishikareddy_7: Take a bow Team 'The Ghazi Attack' , I'm beaming with Pride! Can't thank them enough for making this film! #GhaziAttack
  • regar_dipak: Super performance by Rana Daggubatti & all supporting actors #The Ghazi Attack, Though i m thinking y they took Tapse pannu in movie.
  • rakeshk28571020: If we r intrested to a very good movie.must watch The Gazi attack.
  • RajivWahi67: The Ghazi Attack is good movie. Really enjoyed when Pakistani Commander gets frustrated by Indian Commander being a Commander or a liftman.
  • Purvaja: So watched The Ghazi Attack and quite enjoyed it. But the super-agressive characters and strange acting were annoying. Still worth a watch.
  • pravinaiio: The Ghazi Attack super duper patriotic movie .. Under water history in front of us..
  • pragati_shukla2: Kudos to the makers of "The Ghazi Attack" for such a masterpiece. Brilliant performances of @RanaDaggubati @atul_kulkarni and KK Menon.
  • OyeAnkit: 'The Ghazi Attack' is wowtastic!!
  • nityanandrye: Loved The Ghazi Attack! Suspense was amazingly good! @karanjohar @RanaDaggubati
  • narudinesh: Watched The Ghazi Attack....Superb Movie....Hatsoff to the team and brilliant performances...Proud Indian
  • Na7vs: The Ghazi Attack. Zabardast !!
  • mirchagalib: The Ghazi Attack ! A must watch film. K K Menon, Rana daggubatti, atul kulkarni and at their best.
  • mdfiroz321: What a film The Gazi attack ..salute indian navy .and thank dharma production to make such film [email protected] sir
  • Manju_Hegade: The Ghazi attack released. A must watch movie. Indian submarine S21 destroying Pakistan's Ghazi which was about...
  • MAnjali92: देशभक्ति का हैवीडोज चाहने वालों को फिल्म निराश कर सकती है ...
  • manishkumarbuzy: The war beneath - ‘The Ghazi Attack’ takes you on an immersive journey
  • mahekshah13: The Ghazi Attack is one of the best movies I've ever seen! @karanjohar Hats off to the makers and the actors. It deserves more recognition.
  • madhavgmail: The Ghazi Attack - A must watch . Tribute to Indian brave hearts !
  • lena_kumar: Amazing movie #The ghazi attack. Brilliant acting @RanaDaggubati. You and this movie deserve a national award.
  • K_Singhania: The Ghazi attack movie is one of the best movie in the recent times! Every Indian must watch @[email protected]
  • kumargovind8491: Just watched The Ghazi Attack It's a movie beyond the appropriation K.K .Menon has done wonderful work with Rana Tunga....
  • kiran_baliga: Every Indian must watch "The ghazi attack" , an untold story @tapseepannu @RanaDaggubati @jabykoay #GhaziAttack
  • kiranbeinghuman: The Ghazi Attack finest war related movie by Indian Cinema after #Border...!!! Great acting done by all kept all...
  • khandu25: The Ghazi Attack Movie... super movie
  • Khandom05: The Ghazi Attack is one of the best war films ever.
  • kaushikbanerje5: Watched the ghazi attack today. Keeping aside some typical bollywood emotional scenes overall the film was very good.
  • KANIKAKAUL1: Awesome movie by Karan Johar #the Ghazi Attack# must watch
  • kakadiyaraj11: The ghazi attack ...just amazing ..!
  • KachkodeVaidehi: The Ghazi Attack: A War Film With Real Touch Is A Must Watch | @scoopit
  • jayantgajria: Go watch 'The Ghazi Attack' ... it will go down in Bollywood History as one of the best war movies ever made !!!!
  • JagadeeshAbburi: Awesome movie The Gazi Attack @RanaDaggubati love u Rana... Love u baby a lot, thx for giving such great movie, JAI HIND
  • im_PransuMishra: Wat a year 2017 has been Raees ,Kaabil,Jolly llb 2 and now the Ghazi attack. All awesome films
  • imdinkarsharma: The Ghazi Attack is a decent watch, if you're not too demanding.
  • ImChandraM: The Ghazi Attack movie review : Fantastic 2017's Best Film So Far :)
  • iamavinashbabu: The #Ghazi attack...One in a million movie
  • HandsArse: Watched The Ghazi Attack, it's a awesome movie indeed but just one thing I could not get that what's with all that whispering inside a sub ?
  • giveawayfavy: The Ghazi Attack is a Very very good movie. Muct theatre. Better than Dangal. It's a good lesson on what a submarine is also.
  • fadeframer_: No nonsense. Brilliant assemblage of actors. Powerpack storyline. A rib-tickling war movie. This is The Gazi Attack. *squirms in seat*
  • DrRenukaG_: Watch my review of the must watch film of this week: The Ghazi Attack
  • DrDamodhar: "The Ghazi Attack" will surely be noted as the best war movies of all time! Brilliantly made movie...#TheGhaziAttack
  • dmsnpk: Fantastic feeling to have watched The Ghazi Attack. Wonderful performance @RanaDaggubati
  • DixPatel1980: Pls see the movie....The Gazi Attack.... Jai Hind....
  • deepbasu1: Thank you @karanjohar for supporting this film. simply loved it A must watch @RanaDaggubati @KayKayMenon4U
  • Deckle_Edge: The Ghazi Attack is absolutely brilliant.
  • ddas84: The Ghazi Attack. ..... Simply superb
  • ChannaMereya_: The Ghazi Attack was more worth a watch than a lot of films that have released recently.
  • BoL_BLoGGeR: Review: The Ghazi Attack: 1 of the Best Patriotic Movies! ****- @TheGhaziAttack @RanaDaggubati @karanjohar
  • BodasMadhavi: Proud to be an Indian..A big salute to Indian navy...The GHAZI ATTACK osscar movie
  • bigtimefoodie: The Ghazi Attack is a must watch! Kay Kay Menon is fabulous
  • aviralkshatriya: Hats off to the whole cast and crew of The Gazi Attack. Such an impactful movie on a abstruse subject,done with brilliance. Must watch...
  • ARUNSJB: The ghazi's awesome movie
  • Ar26_27: Watched "The Ghazi Attack" after seeing fdbk from @TandonRaveena n @hindurajyam! Simply Awesome
  • AniketK65895470: #The Ghazi Attack#A must watch#India
  • Amy_tech_freak: Blown by this movie called " The Ghazi Attack" if you haven't watched do yourself a favor and go watch it now. Keep you at the edge of seat
  • AMESHUUU: THE GHAZI ATTACK The movie Was Awesome I never seen before in my life rana sir u r really superb in that film I am die hard fan for uuuu
  • akirao007: The Ghazi Attack. Every Indian must watch this movie. Why? At least then will they realise why one must stand up for the national anthem.1/4
  • AkhilMerugu2: The Ghazi Attack 'Pakistans ghazi sunk by Indian Rajput'. Well done captain @RanaDaggubati
  • ajaynaik: "The Ghazi Attack" - Just loved the film too much. Glad that we are now getting in the War Movies Zone not...
  • Abhina_Prakash: The Ghazi Attack 6.5/10 #GhaziAttack