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I hope to review this movie when it is out on DVD. The one show that was in a convenient theater was cancelled because there weren't enough people. :( And of course, I will still try to go for a show during the week.

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  • _AnupamSingh: GATTU is a beautiful movie with insightful Leadership & Management lessons. A highly recommended movie for Kids!!
  • woohoochild: Gattu was such a delightful watch! Kudos to Rajan Khosa, @ankurtewari & the rest of the team. It'll probably have me smiling all day. :)
  • whackydjavi: #Gattu sweet and short movie with an amazing message. I'm so proud we've put over 2 million underpriv children through school via our NGO.
  • vivekagnihotri: If you do not support #Gattu then don't complain that we don't make good children's films.
  • vipul2810: Awesome movie - Gattu. Bow down to Rajan Khosa \m/
  • VickyBarmecha: I met Gattu today.. He is funny, adorable, and smart.. Don't miss the chance to meet him. #gattuthefilm
  • touchappu: And Today, we witnessed #SMJ in a different way! In the movie #Gattu There's glorification of this mantra in a very unique & POSITIVE way!
  • svetlana25: Go watch #Gattu, no matter how early the show.Delightful, adorable, takes you back to school, doesn't manipulate n brings a big big smile :)
  • suryadeep_ag: Gattu is such a wonderfully refreshing movie. Must watch!!
  • sp4zee: GATTU movie review: An endearing peep into a child’s life! #sp4zee
  • Sourabhsingh416: GatTu !!!!! Movie to watch for sure ;)
  • Shruti2910: #Gattu is an absolute must see! Sense, Emotions, charm and what not! Brilliant work!
  • Sangeetha_Devi: Watch Gattu if it has released in your city. Here's a chat with Rajan Khosa I did during children's film fest in 2011:
  • rohanh: Whole #INDIA is talking about Dark night rises but forgets Gattu. Go watch it people,Awesome movie by Rajan Khosa
  • ravishndtv: Big thanks to makers of Gattu for making my daughter n me so happy this weekend. Gattu is a film for adults more than kids.
  • Rajrocker1: Watched #Gattu today Its Beautifully Cute took me back to my cute days ... Go and Visit your childhood \m/
  • raghuvendras: Loved the Gattu. What a cute movie... Go and watch it...
  • RadhaKrishnaven: I am so proud to have watched #Gattu during the closing ceremony of #cfsi 's #icffi 2012 I have the rec of interview with @RajanKhosa
  • Purab_Kohli: Gattu a sweet honest film. Children must watch. Kudos CFSI
  • poojaorparinda: My review on d super-adorable Gattu..(watch it tax free now) :: The Film Street Journal :::
  • pjebsen: Fully agree about "Gattu"! RT @miriamvaswani: Impressed thus far with Indisches Filmfestival Stuttgart. #Gattu is a wonderful film #iffs12
  • Pathik_Patel4: To reclaim our lost childhood we must watch Gattu (Raoul gandhi) @mediacrooks @shivsBHARAT
  • paolid_: #gattu definitely worth a watch n a delightful one at that!.. Let's support this great film.
  • Nishiths: Enjoyed #GATTU immensely. amazing script, flawless acting by kids, impeccable direction... a must watch!!!
  • nikhilchinapa: All the hype over the TDKR seems to be justified. What also seems to be an excellent film (from reviews) is #gattu. Must watch both
  • Navjotalive: Gattu is delightful and charming. Dekho sab! Mazaa na aaye toh @CilemaSnob paise dega waapas! #jeehaan
  • mr_writer_smb: #tdkr euphoria bt plz dnt miss #gattu. A small movie made frm da heart !!! Support dis venture maybe #bollywood children movies will improve
  • MouthShut: Gattu is yet another gem that Hindi film industry can be proud of. A definite watch for people of all age groups.
  • monicamody: Blithe, unselfconscious, joyful. Gattu!
  • MonaJoshi: watch #TDKR and #gattu this weekend!! ... And Monday morning you'll have a huge smile on your face when you walk into that office :)
  • Modhgil: Gattu is a delightful film, on children but equally appealing to the 'child at heart'. Great work Rajshri!
  • loonylib: #Gattu. Whattay wonderful way to start my morning. Go watch yer. It's jaastoogoot.
  • Lalitude: #Gattu reminded me of all the kites I never flew. Go watch it. You will find some of yours.
  • kunalkapoor: Rajan Khosa's #Gattu is a masterpiece on the art of simple #storytelling. #Children'sFilmSociety of India should sponsor more of such movies
  • KewlZen: Gattu... A very nice movie...
  • junemason74: Review: Gattu is a must watch: As a rule directors of kiddie films are fairly determined to have us in tears, wi...
  • JitendraPuniya: Gattu is Fantastic. Finally a CFSI film in theatres. The boy is adorable.Must watch and must support. Go now and book your ticket ! :)
  • ItsMadeInPune: If you've gotten over the awesomeness of #TDKR last night, here's a lovely film you could think about today
  • imrahulmehta: Gattu is a must watch film...
  • IbuHatela: Gattu has been rewatched. This is what they call 'pure uncompromised cinema'. So much could've gone wrong. Almost nothing does.
  • IamOnir: #Gattu sweet film. Wish it was longer though. This is what should be called family entertainment not what usually is released as one.
  • GulPanag: Or good films in general RT @vivekagnihotri: If you do not support #Gattu then don't complain that we don't make good children's films.
  • grathi_gaus: Gattu is Fantastic. Finally a CFSI film in theatres. The boy is adorable.Must watch and must support. Go now and book your ticket! :)
  • GoldenMihir: #Movie recommendations for this weekend #TheDarkKnight & #Gattu by @RajanKhosa. #Gattu is a very cute & sweet film.
  • ghaywan: Watch GATTU. Beautiful little fun film that avoids being preachy or milking any pathos. It'll take you back to your childhood with a smile.
  • gauravkapur: GATTU, written by ankur tewari, directed by Rajan Khosa, out in theatres. A MUST WATCH, my personal money back guarantee :)
  • Forever_Geek: 'Gattu' is a sweet little gem of a film which delightfully delivers the important social message without being any preachy. Don't miss.
  • Empowering_U: In between the frenzy of #TDKR, a simple and sweet film, #Gattu finds applause and recognition. Don't miss it. #moneyonmobile
  • editorbharathi: #Gattu teaches with subtlety widout getting preachy. Read the review 2 noe more-
  • druider: Gattu. What an amazingly sweet movie. And the child actors are simply outstanding. Go watch!
  • DonyaPatel: Review Gattu is a must watch #Celebrity #India
  • DJShadowDubai: Gattu, a film about kIte-flying gets it mOre right than Guddu and Duggu's last atteMpt - Kites! Sx
  • dipperr: It's a kid-centric movie, true! Thanks to Chillar Party or Stanley Ka Dabba, this genre has picked up well. Must encourage movies like Gattu
  • dibang: saw my dear friend rajan khosa's GATTU. its charming and uplifting. must watch this small film with a big heart!
  • creativepagal: Ohh Yes #Gattu was brilliant movie...thanks to @RajanKhosa
  • cool_move: Gattu nice flim !! 0-0
  • cinema_india: Review: GATTU This kite runner is a winner Saumil Gandhi [email protected] [Mumbai Mirror]...
  • chrystal_3: #Gattu: a small scale film but nevertheless enjoyable in its simplicity & innocence.The boy is so adorable. Would definitely recommend it!
  • chhabs: That big film is sold out. So this weekend folks in India should see #Gattu - a sweet little gem., It will take you back to your childhood.
  • chandaarijit: [email protected] GATTU, written by ankur tewari, directed by Rajan Khosa, out in theatres. A MUST WATCH, my personal money back guarantee
  • catnmouseindia: GATTU..A heart-rending story of a little boy who cannot read and write but has the spirit to reach the skies.
  • bollywood_life: GATTU movie review: An endearing peep into a child’s life!: Films with children as the main characters are no lo...
  • Avinataneja: #Gattu: immensely enjoyed a film after ages. Simple, lovable and a must watch :)
  • atifaslam12345: Movie Review: Gattu is heart-warming #mohammadsamad #nareshkumar
  • arunajain786: #Gattu - Pure Brilliance! Touched by the child's innocence
  • AnuritaJha: Gattu a must watch for everyone, especially Kids,,sweet film with an honest mess with lots of fun, best wishes Rajan.
  • AnupamPkher: Gattu is Fantastic. Finally a CFSI film in theatres. The boy is adorable.Must watch and must support. Go now and book your ticket! :)
  • AnkeshSaha: Jin logo ko bachpan ke din ache lagte hai wo pakka jake Gattu movie dekhe... :) @RajanKhosa
  • ankash1009: Go see "Gattu" the one indian film that did us proud at Berlin This year.. its really an awesome film..
  • anjaliwatvani: Gattu, a must watch! I enjoyed a lot.
  • anand_sumit: Everybody is talking about Dark night rises but Gattu is the real dark horse this week..a sweet honest file #mustwatch
  • amnasingh: Gattu shows that the world is conquered with the realisation of one small dream at a time. Be brave. Let your kite soar!
  • AletheaF: Also, must watch Gattu this weekend.
  • addepalli: Watched Gattu with my kids and their friends.. enjoyed it. Simple but interesting story, good acting and nothing dinchak; loved the ending.
  • 28anand: took me back to poppins and school days #Gattu