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Moral, ethical and civic issues are picked to be woven into a story. Worry not, it's not preachy but it ain't entertaining either.



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30 tweeters have given Fatso an average rating of 4/5.0(?)

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  • TinuLuthra: Hey I'm sure #Fatso is a great movie. I really enjoyed "kaam ka plot" RT @RanvirShorey: @TinuLuthra Hahahaha! @deepakvirwani @mrrajatkapoor
  • taychilders: Fatso may be the most awkward movie ever. But I love it.
  • tallurisanthosh: Fatso is such a well written & well executed movie! An extremely funny unconventional concept. Loved it!
  • sups86: Fatso - funny, light+entertaining. Picked it over Avengers and Vicky Donor..think I made the right choice.
  • snehhamenon: #Fatso had some magical cinematic moments. The slice of life ones that tug at your heart! I had a good feeling about this one & it lived up!
  • shoegal_momo: Fatso is a must watch!!
  • sailajasp: loved you in Fatso @GulPanag You carried the role with so much ease...fabulous. Ranvir, Purab and others too did a great job a hit movie :-)
  • rushabkapadia: #fatso a combination of super acting + story...a truly #Rajatkapoor movie!!!
  • r1kartik: Totally watch it at your own risk kind of movie this 1. disappointed with Rajat Kapoor and more with Gul Panag FATSO http://kartikr.blogspot.in/2012/05/fatso.html
  • pinaldave: Watch the movie #Fatso of @GulPanag my wife and I loved it - refreshing funny and very entertaining.
  • nocturnalpunkie: #fatso sucha delightful movie! @GulPanag reliable as always, has done an amazing job! simply loved the entire casting :)
  • ng_karthika: #fatso was a new low in the shitty movies league
  • NeetiGhildiyal: Fatso! Worse movie ever!
  • Navjotalive: Fatso.great idea.some well written n acted scenes but does not have the film wali feeling thanks to the easy resolution! Good 1time watch!
  • mumblefumble: Fatso is such a well written & well executed movie! An extremely funny unconventional concept. Loved it! @mrrajatkapoor @RanvirShorey
  • ManjulaC2012: Just watched #Fatso.. Esp liked the very spirited monologue at the end! Nicely done.
  • Manish7080: All i can say is that You have taken bollywood a step ahead with #Fatso. @mrrajatkapoor @PritishNandy
  • maloodeepak: Rather disappointed with Fatso the Movie. The start was good, but felt like a drag thereafter.
  • LovedTweet: Fatso Review: A Big-Fat Bore! http://bit.ly/J8JLrd
  • I_AmHungry: I liked FATSO !! Its a nice refreshing movie !! Different! :D ! @Purab_Kohli pe :*** !
  • hitwit_subroto: I found the film Fatso very refreshing! The way I snoozed soundly through it and woke up feeling so pleasantly refreshed!
  • GulPanag: Thank you:)) RT @TweetfromWaqas: @GulPanag travelled 135 kms. to watch fatso,the movie was worth it! :)
  • FalgunBusa: #ilaughalotwhen I saw Fatso. Humorous movie. @Fatso_TheFilm
  • drgsnarang: Watched #fatso "is film ko na dekhna khud ko bahtarin film se vanchit karna hoga" @GulPanag sunder bhi hai aur badia adaakara hai:)@rwac48
  • charugrover: watched fatso...grateful to mr.rajat kapoor....world is still a good place:)
  • brassi76: Best Sunday ever, #SatyamevJayate, two greats games in #IPL and then icing on the cake #Fatso @PritishNandy
  • anshulkakkar: FATSO is film with full of sweetness all around...[email protected]
  • andyact: Watched #fatso!! Brilliant job done by @RanvirShorey ,@GulPanag
  • AmeyRajput: Fatso is a Nice muvi... Cheggit !
  • aayushi_s: Loved loved loved loved..totally loved fatso! A must watch!