Drona - Preview

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quick review:

It could have been a good, entertaining story for kids, enjoyable by adults equally, but over-dramatization claims another victim.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just hoping that money spent on movie-making will take its turn and drive the economy somehow...

The news section of the official site declares proudly that Rs. 22 crores were spent on the villain alone! This of course, includes the look, the costumes and the props. But, it also includes his castle, the time spent shooting there, etc. Also for some reason this castle in Prague had to be rebuilt in Mumbai.

The entire budget is claimed to be around Rs. 90 crores and is insured for Rs. 50 crores.

Yet, 25% of the budget being spent on just one character sounds excessive. Besides, the look came across as comical to me. DronaKayKay2

But then again, the director/writer says

Drona is a world where Amar Chitra Katha meets Frank Miller.
In addition, the movie's wiki page announces,
Drona has been described as a Harry Potter meets Indiana Jones movie, but with an original story

Even if we assume Goldie was referring to Amar Chitra Katha style of animation and not the 500+ titles, it'd mean there's a combination of 3 groups of fictional characters. Hell yeah, it's going to be original...

Anyway, it's interesting that a lot of the buzz around the movie also revolves around the lead lady, Priyanka Chopra.

The actress will be seen performing some pretty amazing stunts in the film. If reports are to believed, then Abhishek has very little to do in the film.

Wonder what the Priyanka Chopra PR team has to say about the "we decided to make action movies when we were diaper buddies" pact between Goldie Behl and Abhishek Bachchan?

If this means Abhishek is not over-exposed just for the sake of showcasing the Bachchan Jr. and has as much screen presence as the 3-in-1 'script' requires, nothing like it. No?

It also promises to show us "never before seen" special effects and some mind-blowing action.

Well, the other Rs. 68 crores must have gone somewhere. I'm hoping these 90 crores of someone's wealth has gone into a decent story and a good film. But, I guess we can feel good that at least the money is changing hands and will do its teeny-weeny bit for the global economy - it was shot in Namibia and Czech Republic, remember!

The site's media kit asks me if I've been Dronafied yet? I don't know what that means, but I surely don't want to be Drona-anything till I see what it is all about. Meanwhile, I'm hoping that the movie won't drone and make viewers resort to rona (weeping)... (phew! Got those out of my system, so can think of something else for the review!!)