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Dangerous Ishhq reminded me of a Jitendra film from the 70s-80s (have been wrecking my brain to remember the title of the film, but it just won't come, maybe there were more than one.) in which there were all kinds of curses and counter-curses. But at the very least it had a mythological background. Dangerous Ishhq exasperates you with the witchery while trying to keep the setting modern. Just doesn't gel.



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75 tweeters have given Dangerous Ishq an average rating of 1.5/5.0(?)

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50 nays
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  • _RA_AL: dangerous ishhq wasn't as good as i expected but its good to see Karishma back again to the #bollywood screen, beautiful as always ♥
  • zeeshan_amjad: QaimAliShah ke khitaab say tau achi he hogi RT @Shahidmasooddr: Last night,I watched one of the worst movies ever "Dangerous Ishq". Pathetic
  • your_past_lives: Major Flaws Ruin Potential Winner: In “Dangerous Ishhq,” Vikram Bhatt and his writing team give it a contemporar... http://bit.ly/Kkubeb
  • WhorribleWriter: The torture Karishma Kapoor does to the audience in Dangerous Ishq, she should be named Lelo in place of Lolo.
  • vicky14311: Dangerous IShq is too Much Dangerous.Bunches of Fool will see like I did....thank you Karishma Kapoor for wasting my Time n money with mood
  • vandana_jaju: Dangerous ishq is unintentionally funny. Watched it wid da brats hoping for a thriller&was let down.Made a mockery of past life regression!
  • vaibk: "Dangerous Ishq" is really dangerous for one's mental patient. I don't understand why @divyadutta25 did this movie
  • uberbizzario: #castingfail Karisma Kapoor and Rajneesh Duggal in dangerous Ishq.. what were they thinking..
  • ub1112: Dangerous Ishq...was really Dangerous..I was all alone in the cinema hall ::)))
  • top_bollywood: Dangerous Ishq is a disaster http://lnkd.in/MAWTHu
  • TheMantalBwoy: Down down down down... "@ZoomTV: Is it ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ for ‘Dangerous Ishhq’? #MyReview #zoOmTV"
  • tanqeed: #DangerousIshhq Member’s Review: “Dangerous Ishhq” will make cringe you in embarrassment. http://tanqeed.com/forum/2012/05/14/sankets-review-dangerous-ishhq-cringe-you-in-embarrassment/
  • swaratmika: dangerous ishq in 3D was ok.y such empty spaces and empty shot taking .she is gud did heavy make up in hospital n heels wow n nails painted
  • SuparnaSharma: #KarismaKapoor's #DangerousIshhq poses a great danger to the mind, body and soul. My review, in @theasianagenews http://www.asianage.com/movie-reviews/dangerous-ishhq-3d-124
  • Sumit_Nagpal: I thought Dangerous Ishq will have story of Partition only..But the story moves to Mougal era..Battle fought in Aurengzeb's era! Hadd hai ☹
  • subu_rf: #Dangerous Ishq --> the title warns the audience properly! Ofc the second word is unwanted!! @TheVikramBhatt
  • startarika: dangerous ishq movie was very good...karishma kapoor luked stunning in the movie...
  • Shahidmasooddr: Last night,I watched one of the worst movies ever,."Dangerous Ishq". Pathetic
  • sada_e_muslim: Karisma fails to charm in Dangerous Ishhq http://nblo.gs/xDmZD
  • russells_tpot: Obligatory reminder to all my dear followers to watch Dangerous Ishhq (3D) asap. It's the new Jaani Dushman. #CultClassic
  • reddy_srikanth: Alert - Dangerous Ishq is really a dangerous film for all your senses. Stay far far away!!
  • rakesh_namdeo: one of Best movie of Karishma Kapoor- Dangerous Ishq
  • priyankajain1: Watched Dangerous Ishhq with five people in theatres on Friday night, friend I took along, promises not to speak to me for saat janm
  • princebds: After seeing ishaqzaade yest, saw Dangerous Ishq today.. thtz also nt a bad mv bt bad marketing i wud say..
  • prateikmayekar: Thumbs up' for Ishaqzaade n thumbs down for Dangerous ishhq
  • prasanthmovies: As expected, there is nothing interesting in a fantasy subject like Dangerous Ishhq, it is better to avoid this; http://www.movieorange.com/index.php/dangerous-ishhq
  • paramparatweets: Dangerous Ishq was way better than expected;2nd half I was at the edge of my seat!Some Grt techniques in all depts!Karisma and Jimmy #stars
  • pankaj98766: Dangerous ishq nice romantic movie to watch karishmas work appreciable and one time must watch movie
  • Olima23: Dangerous ishq ....bakwassssss...dangerous to life.....
  • NehaT_: Dangerous Ishq is a better movie than Tezz. A step better!
  • nagu3: Dangerous ishq is 1 of d worst movies I've ever seen. Makes u question how any1 cn approve dialogues like "what is my soul trying 2 tell me"
  • nabeelnaved: “@Shahidmasooddr: Last night,I watched one of the worst movies ever,."Dangerous Ishq". Pathetic” I agree 100% saw it at @ReelCinemas bad
  • Mixxoee: Review ‘Dangerous Ishhq’, Karisma’s Comeback is lukewarm http://j.mp/J66aJV
  • meetkomal: I just found out dangerous ishq is a 3D movie. So the director wants us to watch a horrible movie and wants us to watch it very closely!
  • mdimran37: Dangerous Ishq. A nice concept and worth one watch. Liked it.
  • mainalost: watched dangerous ishq..haahaa laughed a lot!!
  • life_xclusive: #Karishma Kapoor is way too old to be portrayed as a super model in #Dangerous Ishq :s
  • knowledgeinin: just watched dangerous ishq ...nice movie
  • Kneeche: Dangerous Ishq 3D. They throw Glass, Bricks, Fire, Flower, Dust and Ravi Kishan right in your face! It's more of a Dangerous Risk!
  • Kiran_Gorgeous9: Miss @sapnamishra6 Reviews abt Isaqazaade : "Not a Gud Movie" Waste of time &Money. Story is Bad ."Dangerous Ishq" Beter dan dat
  • khooniMurga: 'Dangerous ishq' is unintentionally comical.
  • Khawaga1: If boredom can kill then very dangerous! "@ZoomTV: Hey guys, it’s time for #MyReview. So, how ‘dangerous’ was ‘Dangerous Ishhq’? #zoOmTV"
  • KamathGurudutt: Dangerous Ishq -- Good comeback for Karishma. Excellent 3D effects and fairly engaging story. Interesting take on past life regression.
  • KajalMansukhani: Loved Dangerous Ishq ! :O I dunno why a flop movie in India i always end up loving it ! :P
  • j_alkhabouri: "Dangerous Ishq, The Avengers, Safe, Ishqzaade, The Hunger Games, Jannat 2 ", are best movies in April and May so far ..
  • JigarCChauhan: Ishaqzaade - 20 year old story and dangerous ishq. 200 years old w waste of time & money
  • jasssweet: dont believe critics,watch dangerous ishq..its well made movie..entertaining
  • IyerAvin: For doing a movie like Dangerous Ishhq, Karisma Kapoor should be called Lowlow.
  • IshveenaKaur: I had high expectations for the film Dangerous Ishq and the film just let me down.☹☹
  • IndranilDeb: Advice to MPs...Please go watch "Dangerous Ishq"...whenever your head hits a wall...you go back 200 years and connect to present life... !!!
  • iKooky: Why is there only one Q in Dangerous Ishq? #Disappointing
  • ideemc: That bad? RT @r2the: Do NOT watch Dangerous Ishq.
  • HKHamzaKhan93: *Because Its Mothers Day, I Couldn't Refuse To Watch Yet Another Indian Film In The Week_ But Splendid Movie - DANGEROUS ISHQ . .* 9.5/10 =)
  • Gulnaazbegum: #MyParichayWith dangerous ishq...;( its really dangerous to watch out..:D
  • filmindia_indo: Karisma fails to charm in DANGEROUS ISHHQ: She might have tried every trick in the book to woo the audiences wit... http://bit.ly/Klrwkj
  • Fatty2910: Wow Dangerous Ishq - for those who don't know its a bollywood movie. . Such a unique story . . Reincarnation of I'm correct in putting it!!
  • dfgaurav: "Dangerous Ishq"... Amazing movie with the come back of Karizma Kapoor... "Awesome".!! Really good to watch at..
  • DesaiMeow: has watched dangerous ishq jus nw...i tnk i hv to go to doctor....its a vry dangerous task to watch ittttt
  • darvesh_akhtar: Dangerous Ishq should be included in the curriculum of film schools to study films from the dinosaur era.
  • crazyforkareena: #Dangerous Ishq is an ok types movie,i wish Karishma Kapoor ws hve choosen a betr 1 fr her cum bak
  • costumeideas1: ‘Dangerous Ishhq’ a lavish costume party http://bit.ly/M8bSKX #costume
  • cooldanzi: dangerOus ishq z really dangerous....kamaal karte ho yaar !!!
  • cly3d: Can #stereoscopic 3D save a movie? and #screenwriting? I didn't think so...until now. http://bit.ly/JTcJuR
  • Cinemawale: "Dangerous Ishhq" #Movie #Review ->"Tiresome Movie" Critics ratings say it all visit this link to read all...... http://fb.me/1mCuOkKwd
  • chandan13april: Watchd Dangerous Ishq.⁰Could b a great movie but bcome an average one.Prob is emotion didnt came out+avg music+avg act.Only 3D effect gud.**
  • BolegaGossips: Karisma Kapoor impresses in Dangerous Ishq! http://ow.ly/aRD0f
  • bhaveensheth: Go and watch dangerous ishq at your own rsik
  • a_crazymale: Tumne Crazy Ishq toh nahi dekha?? RT @princebds: After seeing ishaqzaade yest, saw Dangerous Ishq today.. thtz also nt a bad mv
  • avn33t: Dangerous ishq : review ... Too dangerous to watch, the story kills my brain, so that's dangerous as well (**) that too negative.
  • AshuMenon: Karishma Kapoor should keep away from comeback movies like Dangerous ishhq. Olay skin repair cream ads suit her better. #fail
  • arushi92: Isse kehte hain 'self inflicted torture!' :P RT @ChinmayiBali: I can haz Dangerous Ishq ke tickets for tomorrow muahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!
  • amitdewan2: Dangerous ishq was a good movie karishma welcome back
  • Aliasgharsalim: #Dangerous Ishq awesome Movie must watch
  • Abhishek100289: Aj maine vikram bhatt ki dangerous ishq dekhi. Bkvas hai ........
  • 007zeeshan: CURRENT AFFAIRS...........karisma's karizma failed:( Dangerous Ishq, Karisma Kapoor's comeback movie has failed to... http://fb.me/EfRp1DRc