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21 tweeters have given Dammadamm an average rating of 4.5/5.0(?)

19 yays
2 nays
0 so-so
  • VinayakCh: #Damadamm is a simple, nice film tho it could have been lot better. #Ra.One was a below average product. So for me, Damadamm scores over.
  • vijaymjoshi: watched Damadam and it was far better then Ra.one
  • trippleh1: Damadam is a better watch than #RAOne
  • smartmanas: Damadamm!... comedy movie with a lots of sentiments... hit
  • sharmilasalvi: Damadamm rocked watched it first day first show with my family n i liked it very much, HR is back with Damadamm, Best of Luck HR Jai Mata Di
  • rocking0099: saw 'damadamm' yesterday....must day its a very good film......himesh has proved his acting power along with purvi joshi.
  • PAK_PATHAN: Bollywood... DAMADAM Ek Ache Film Hy umeed par Bhar poor oatare Ge, hamish reshmiya
  • naveenhimesh: Damadamm SUPERHIT:-)
  • mufeedsays: Found 'damadamm' to be much better than 'ra1'....a cute luv story
  • milved: nobody is talking about fairly good movie #damadamm........raone overpowers all......
  • kosal2010: Damadam is so much better than RaOne.. Himesh rocks!! Ooooooooooo...
  • king_kumar91: Must watch movies of this month are RA.ONE and DAMADAMM!!
  • kaushiksaha1982: Yes, I have no shame in admitting that I watched Himesh's Damadamm, and found it to be a nice film
  • itswaquar: saw #dammadam...one of the better film this diwali!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • himeshteamrintu: damadamm mast movie super movie love u himesh
  • harsh111116: None of the movie is good not ra.one nor [email protected]
  • HaatimTai: Hahahaha Damadamm was wayyy more entertaining than Ra.One!!!! Really enjoyed the movie!!
  • gprasadnaik: #DamaDamm rockz! Himesh love you!
  • dhaivatraval: Damadamm! mast mast mast mast mast movie !!
  • ChavanSachin60: himesh's another big flop DAMMADAMM....
  • AJBLuv: Damadamm Super Hit