Contract - Preview

wogma rating: Watch when on TV (?)
quick review:

In broad terms, it's a 'been there seen that' underworld movie. The regular Ram Gopal Varma style of covering gangsters and their lives. But it has a certain rugged feel about it and the sub-plots and side characters are fresh which can make a good DVD watch.



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NOT A REVIEW - just looking at how Ram Gopal Varma is going to have terrorists keep the gangsters company

From the director, Ram Gopal Varma's blog -

Contract is different not in terms of emotion but in terms of the subject matter itself and I made it in a very entertaining way. It is not a dark and moody film like a Satya or Company... ... It is stylized and the characters are designed to create a high

Oops...make that double oops! 'Stylized', 'create a high' combined with the name Ram Gopal Varma, it means a really on-the-ears music, on-the-eyes camerawork and on-the-face over-dramatized portrayal of character. But, this time around we are fortunate because Amit Roy, RGV factory's trusted director of photography is conspicuous by his absence in the credit list. Yet, I'd be pleasantly surprised to find subtlety squeezing its way into this factory.