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I shall refrain from reviewing Chauranga because it felt like there was something off with the display of the screen I saw the film in. More about the experience here.



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57 tweeters have given Chauranga an average rating of 4.4/5.0(?)

49 yays
5 nays
3 so-so
  • zeishan_quadri: Plz go n watch #Chauranga near ur cinema's a must watch
  • VVF47_MUFC: Loved chauranga
  • voompla: Set to reach new heights with #Chauranga! @theanshumanjha
  • vinysharma: #Chauranga: unvarnished, engaging and honest cinema. Watch it in theatres this Friday. congrats @SahaEna
  • TheParulSharma: Hi Guys ... Go Watch #Chauranga ... Give yourself a amazing treat of Indian cinema ... @Chauranga @sanjaysuri
  • themapstories: 'Chauranga' is a globally themed film, doesn't need too many dialogues to explain what happens: Sanjay Suri
  • Suresh_Mathew_: Haven't seen #Wazir but #Chauranga is a brilliant debut by @bikas. It provokes, engages and has a great (cont)
  • sunny4la: चौरंगा कुछ अलग और बेहतर देखने वालों के लिए अच्छा च्वॉइस है, इसे जरूर देखें। #Chauranga review…
  • SudhishKamath: Releasing today! Don't miss it. This is what I had tweeted about #Chauranga:
  • sonamohapatra: We get fast-food in the movie theatres every weekend, #Chauranga is a nutritious meal available from today. Go watch this moving tale..
  • SimplySamirSoni: Don't miss this amazing movie #Chauranga. In cinemas today!!! Best wishes to the entire team @Chauranga. @sanjaysuri
  • shajan75: Watched #Chauranga today,bold ,courageous & huge leap of faith on Independent cinema by @sanjaysuri @IamOnir , much needed shot in the arm !
  • ShaileeSharadh: Good Film
  • shahameer2127: Movie: Chauranga, My Rating 3.5/5. good v g
  • ShabTheFilm: Congratulations to team @Chauranga @AnticlockFilms
  • RimaK93: Movie: Chauranga, My Rating 4.5/5. Its a ok type movie
  • RahulJagtiani: Great realistic cinema - a welcome change from the formula films we get to see! #Mustwatch #Chauranga @sanjaysuri
  • PulkitDatta: #India: don't miss @Chauranga in cinemas this weekend! It's simmering and gripping - a story powerfully told. @sanjaysuri @bikas @IamOnir
  • pudiharicharan: Oh yeah. Don't miss #Chauranga
  • prasunb: #Chauranga is a very difficult film to watch. The sense of impending doom is so palpable that it hurts. That snake !!! Gave me the creeps.
  • prashy74: #Chauranga is relevant cinema. These are our stories which need to be narrated. Thank you @IamOnir
  • poonambhatia: Do watch #Chauranga. Depressing but realistic portrayal of underbelly of our patriarchal & caste-ridden society! Brilliant direction-acting!
  • poojataparia: A must watch! @IamOnir @sanjaysuri
  • Philmy_In: #Chauranga: A strong story can leave an imoact even without star power #Bollywood #OffBeatMovie #Cinema #HindiMovies
  • PatelDevansh: While most films try to earn the big buck, #Chauranga has managed to earn the bigger respect. That speaks volumes! @sanjaysuri @IamOnir
  • pankulpankul: Are you guys wasting time on #Wazir or also trying some different stuff like #Chauranga?? Kych alag dekho yaar.
  • ninadism: Make time this weekend to watch @Chauranga #indie #film in theatres. #pune #mumbai #gujarat #rajasthan
  • Neetu_Chandra: ... @sanjaysuri Good luck for #Chauranga . It looks fab.Please go n watch d film only in theatres, everyone #Anshumanjha #tanishaamukerji :)
  • mokshjuneja: #Chauranga has a social impact with strong voice against caste barriers #flimreview Kudos @sanjaysuri @IamOnir
  • Lisaraniray: Go. Watch. #Chauranga
  • kaamaalrkhanKRK: #Chauranga movie is fantastic. They have shown reality of society the exploitation the dirty caste system in villages. All actors are superb
  • johney85: #Chauranga is such a hard-hitting and real film. Great performances and the intensity of emotions moves you. @ManMundra @RakeshTotla
  • jayantsjy: #Chauranga is good,but #Fandri was far more better than #Chauranga
  • iam_mr3: Chauranga: A Realistic Tale from the Indian Heartland
  • Iam_Dravid: Really well done. @chauranga team @sanjaysuri @bikas @iamonir @khaterahakimi @shiladityabora @tannishthac @theanshumanjha
  • harnawa: To feel it you have to see it...!!! #Chauranga 5 start for all the cast sply #santu @ManMundra @DrishyamFilms
  • GulPanag: Thank you @sanjaysuri for showing me @Chauranga last night.An outstanding film, that didn't let me sleep.
  • godavar: So I can confirm that the title is a giveaway that the movie talks about caste. #Chauranga tells a strangely reckless story, pulls punches.
  • gauravkrai: my review of @Chauranga in Hindi नाटकीयता से परे, वास्तविकता का सिनेमा! [4/5] @ManMundra @iDhritiman @DrishyamFilms
  • divyapal2013: #Chauranga might be telling a story seen/heard before, but it is the treatment of the core issue that makes it worth a watch. @IamOnir
  • desijourno: Guys, don't miss Chauranga this weekend. It talks about caste and gender discrimination which still exists in India. #mustwatch
  • debjitbagchi: Let us come forward and save #film s like #Chauranga instead of giving lectures and attending seminars on #independentfilm s
  • coolshalabh2010: Watched @Chauranga awesome movie
  • connect2ns: [email protected] Just watch chauranga...great movie... N meet your friend in theatre..:-P
  • BajpayeeManoj: Good morning .make a plan to watch @Chauranga.its amazing. जाइए जाइए अभी खरीदिए
  • ArpitaCP: Overwhelmed
  • akoi_Jam: #Chauranga is the everyday story of #dalits. very brutal in an everyday way. please go and occupy the seats in the theatre
  • actor_annamalai: #Chauranga - A good social awareness movie. Well taken & presented. It's shocking to d report.. Congrats & all d best team:) God bless:)
  • AcheDinAaneWale: Chauranga review: A low-key film that tells a story that needs to be told, but doesn’t tell it well enough #TopNew…
  • shital991: Movie: Chauranga, My Rating 2.5/5. one time
  • mbhardwaj19: Movie: Chauranga, My Rating 2.5/5. Avg one...
  • brahmatmajay: my *** film sameeksha of #Chauranga
  • Vikash321Web: #Chauranga movie review: It doesn't quite hit where it hurts
  • khalidrafiq140: Chauranga review: Simplistic and earnest, yet this Sanjay Suri-starrer lacks a punch
  • bhawanasomaaya: #Chauranga produced by #Onir #SanjaySuri directed by #BikasMishra of #DearCinema fame raises pertinent issues but is slow n unengaging
  • appadappajappa: Never thought this would be the case but personally, I can't recommend either Chauranga or Wazir. Such disappointments!
  • AniGuha: It's honest and tackles important issues, and has some great moments, but #Chauranga didn't quite work for me: