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A crime-cum-situational comedy that starts out with witty one-liners and some awesome comic timing by the finest of performers fizzles out after the first half hour. A decent basic plot riddled by need for item numbers and long-drawn scenes that make the writers look clueless.



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28 tweeters have given Chaalis Chauraasi an average rating of 3.4/5.0(?)

17 yays
7 nays
4 so-so
  • vivek_kt: A pornographic movie will have a better story and execution than Chaalis Chauraasi which I watched last evening.
  • vikramsinhnaik: 4084 is saved from mediocrity coz of the starcast..Doesnt bore but nothn gr8..dont kno y tries 2b funny towards film nonetheless..
  • tcajayant: Just wasted 2 hours on the worst movie ever - #4084 aka chaalis chauraasi.
  • sonamshukla: kal mene 4084 police pic dekhi.bhoot achi thi.sadda addda bhi thik thi lik pyaar ka pancchnama.jyada achi thi.
  • smita_das: Chaalis Chaurasi a fun movie, Kay Kay is jst suberb alng with naseerudn shah. Much betr thn stupid films claimg 2 be 100 crores
  • SirExtraCheese: Chalis Chaurasi is already been annouced as flop.. ...#epicfail deserves a MUST WATCH tag
  • Salilacharya: Just saw #4084 .. Really liked the movie ..ravi kissen is hilarious .. And he isn't trying to be so .. Ahhaha lives in my building too
  • roushan84: 4084-It ok if you happen to watch or if u are a fan of the lead actors.. if you still haven't, better stay away.. :D
  • rmanish1: 4084 is very average and thandi film @Navjotalive
  • RamaniSumit: In an unrelated news, heading to watch #4084 for the second time :-)
  • psyturbo: #chaalis chaurasi is off beat humor. totally wht i had expected.. chaos and laughter. atleast nt the typical bollywood movie
  • parthpunter: 4084 must watch...Atul Kulkarni class apart!!
  • Navjotalive: 4084 Could have been a brilliant film if not for the lazy writing by the same writers who gave us..hold ur breath. CASH!!!!! #enoughsaid
  • Nandini_M: Just saw #4084...thoroughly entertaining movie #must watch
  • mshaikh7: 4/5 Review on Chaalis Chaurasi Movie by ajeet15 : An Honest Attempt via @MouthShut ROD ..!!!!!!
  • mr_sukhi: 4084... Awesome movie.. It remember me "Ek chalis ki last local"... Good acting by Naseeruddin & Ravi Kishen...
  • MrPradeepSethi: Democracy mein karta koi aur hai, aur lagti kisi aur ki hai - "Chaalis Chauraasi" - A must watch movie
  • mithilakulkarni: Nice movie #Chaalis Chaurasi..second half is hilarious, thou first half stretches on a bit
  • Main_Khuda: Kay Kay Menon + Naseeruddin Shah! FTW! :D #4084
  • JokesDostiEtc: #SaddaAdda was actually more entertaining than #4084 ..which shows that experienced actors like naseer and KK can do bad movies too
  • iKapilGupta: Watched #4084 again & liked it again @memyselfshweta
  • extendulkar: 4084 the. movie is like this Indian tour of Australia.. makes people wonder whether senor guys like Naseer shudder retire
  • dgr8onerip: Chaalis chauraasi is a decent one time watch but the actors were under utilized.. It could have been much much better
  • Bh_Harsh: My take on 'Ghost' and 'Chalis Chaurasi' :P do watch the latter! #Ghost #ChalisChaurasi
  • bapna_raunak: Just saw 'Chalis Chaurasi'. Not quite the Naseer-ud-din Shah types. Entertaining flick, nonetheless.
  • Bakhtiyar30: Watched "Chaalis Chauraasi" last night. Very entertaining movie. Naseeruddin Shah, Kay Kay Menon, Ravi Kissen were very good. Thumbs UP !!
  • amitagl27: 4084....good movie.....acting....सुभान अल्लाह :-)