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wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
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A strong middle hour sandwiched between twenty minutes of silliness at the beginning and an absurd last half hour, make Blood Money hanging between engaging and ridiculous. A clear indication that the writers didn't quite believe that they had it in them to give Blood Money a fair chance.



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52 tweeters have given Blood Money an average rating of 1.6/5.0(?)

13 yays
31 nays
8 so-so
  • zmilap: Blood Money-a well made, honest film! Terrific performances by Kunal Khemu n Manish Chaudhary! @vishalmahadkar shines as a 1st time director
  • WickkedSoul: Went to watch 'Blood Money'. Waited for something to interest me in the movie. Finally that moment came, it was called THE END.
  • westabilife: "Blood Money" title is perfect for this movie...because it Boils ur Blood n waste ur Money..
  • vineetsharma240: Blood money ........ok movie!!my expectation was very high.
  • VijayDhole: blood money... bloody stupid movie...
  • umeshahuja: Watched #Blood money,,not bad.....but not good as jannat...
  • TheExtraMan: I'm at Blood Money movie & tweeting. Well... thats the review of the movie from me.
  • Srishti_Shetty: even the term 'reviews' will feel insulted.Forget.. [email protected]: Heard the movie Blood Money is a super Flop. anyone else ?? reviews ??”
  • SoJenConnelly: BLOOD MONEY movie review: Mind-numbingly boring! - Bollywood Life: BLOOD MONEY movie review: M... #JenniferConnelly
  • Sadhogopal: BLOOD MONEY: A Gastronomical Fart
  • rohan9007: 'Blood Money' is dull and formulaic!: He lands a job in a diamond trading company. With his unflagging zeal he q...
  • RituKapadia: Bloody waste of time and Money! Talk about, Blood Money :P Hahaha @davinadsouza01 @C_Rashmi
  • RantingIndian: Blood Money sucks like Mahesh Bhatt does. Ha!
  • Rahat_Ali_Khann: Blood Money Movie Review: An average film
  • pranaymusic: Blood Money has no 'filmigiri' as one wud say! The script is tight and it questions u and ur conscience ! Watch it to see yourself on screen
  • pradx: Saw Blood Money. Not bad. 2.5/5 stars.
  • patelprince1992: Blood money--totaly fucking movie...minus 1 star#moviereview
  • parry_an: Blood Money 3*+ Worth seeing movie
  • parda_phash: Mahesh Bhatt's Blood Money disappoints
  • onemsahil: Blood money nothing but waste of money..
  • nikkesha1: All the best to the entire team of blood money! Soul touching music,great production value,superb ending! [email protected] watch it!
  • Nealpatel799: BLOOD MONEY. bakwas yarrrrrr
  • nakedcricket: Pls don't dispose the pop corn bucket during Blood Money screenings #barfbag
  • MustafaZahid: I have tweeted this before and I won't stop !GO WATCH BLOOD MONEY! Please do or I'm not tweeting from tomorrow bas khatam dosti ap say phir
  • momminkazmi: Blood Money is a new thought but just not executed properly
  • MinorityReview: Review of #BloodMoney – Thinner than water - Minority Review
  • meet_prats: One of those days when u habe nothing better to do and u decide 2 watch Blood Money 2 pass d day...n realize dat..sitting at home was better
  • maheshmanelkar: Blood Money Movie Review: An average movie | International Reporter
  • LMK_LEO86: Blood Money movie review Nothing special, worth raving about.
  • kool_dude1: blood money - bloody money waste :(
  • khushiramdahiya: Blood money is very flop movie..
  • kgulechha: Blood Money = Blood sucking money waste movie :(
  • Keysonfrets: Blood Money is a really good movie! Excellent job done by @kunalkemmu ! Brilliant acting! :) #movie
  • kaushiksaha1982: Blood money - loss of hard earned money, gain of high blood pressure
  • KamathGurudutt: BLOOD MONEY: Worth avoiding. Gisa-pita story of conflict/blood diamonds. Not enough substance. Movie will suck your blood and your money.
  • its_me_abyss: I dont know what the director of blood money was thinking abt while directing the movie its inspired by lorn of war and blood diamond
  • IshqSufiyana: Blood Money is a Beautiful Cinema, it holds all the elements of Romance + Thriller. @vishalmahadkar knocks with a Superhit!
  • GidwaniMayurr: Blood Money... Bloody good!!
  • getcinemas: Blood Money is a poor Cant Watch! Review at #bloodmoney #bollywood #hindimovies
  • editorbharathi: Kunal Khemu & Amrita Puri mke a fresh,cute pair wd sprklng chemistry,bt Blood Money fails 2 sprkle.Review @_Amrita_Puri
  • djsavyospin: Watched Blood Money Really a must see movie Guys...Do watch it...Really a nice effort by Vishal S. Mahadkar
  • dhruvjaani: Blood money.... Wow wt a movie my rating:3.5
  • Dagr8mohit: Blood Money is a disgraceful attempt at presenting the dark side of illegal diamond trading.
  • cutynish: please try to see the positive in every movie you watch, even if it is as intolerable as Blood Money :P
  • Chocoholic_213: Watched blood money yet? No? Good, don't. Wastage of time and money. :/
  • bollywoodthree: Blood Money – Interesting Thriller
  • BhattKesha: seeing blood money nice picure
  • ankitind: People with sweat money should not go for the movie 'Blood Money'
  • ALLinDOON: Blood Money releases in Dehradun today. We gave the movie two out of five stars. For Reviews and Showtimes -...
  • AdeebAkhyar: Blood Money..a good watch...impressed by Kunal Kemmu!
  • 123makingmoney: Review: 'Blood Money' is insipid, absurd!