Black and White - Preview

wogma rating: Watch if you have nothing better to do (?)
quick review:

A compilation of absolutely boring lectures delivered by largely dull characters. A half-decent plot ain't good enough to make a gripping movie.



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After a drought of 3 weeks, will Black & white serve as a welcome relief or yet another one to maintain one arm's distance from?

The synopsis at the official site sets up an interesting premise -

What does 'BLACK AND WHITE' mean? Two colours? Two extremes? Two polarities? Obviously about contrasts, 'BLACK AND WHITE' epitomises the 'black and white' psyche - a psyche that refuses to see the shades beyond the two. A mind that is literally 'colour-blind'. Imagine when the colours of rainbow confront a man whose mind has always been conditioned to see only black and white ...
Let's just hope that not all characters see either black or white and they have shades of gray that people sitting in the audience can believe, if not identify with.

It's going to be difficult to talk about a Subhash Ghai product without remembering the well-deserved early demise of his earlier products Yaadein and Kisna. Carrying that wariness in their minds, many in the audience are going to be skeptical of Black & White even if the man himself claims it to be "different".

... It is nothing short of an earth-shaking experience. Same can be said about of my experience while making such a realistic film - which confronted my psyche with new never-before nuances - be it the story, the characters, the conflict, the drama or the final resolution. It has left me emotionally elevated - a different kind of elevation from mainstream cinema.
Moreover, Black & White threatens to be a lecture.
'BLACK AND WHITE' is an emotional Drama that entertains for sure but leaves the audience with a lofty message for all humanity - in search of harmony amidst diversity. In that sense 'BLACK AND WHITE' is an idea whose time has come. Just what the world needs perhaps.
Oh well, time will tell soon enough, what we have in store. Meanwhile, I am going to remind myself of the movies the movie that I grew up with - Karz, Vidhaata, Hero, Meri Jung, Karma, Ram Lakhan - Movies that certainly weren't art personified, but they entertained me then. I have grown and so must have a huge portion of the audience. Let's hope the maker of these films has too.