Billu - Preview

wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
quick review:

The stargiri is truly a huge put-off. So bad that even though the dialogues have a consistent, fresh bounce and Billu starts of as an interesting character, it falls flat as the film progresses. Human emotions can keep you glued as long as there's some movement in them. Just Irrfan's brilliant facial muscle movement does not suffice. Simple, at-times sweet but predictable too.



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NOT A REVIEW - just wondering if snipping 'barber' from the title will chop the story/humor, if any...

The stage is set for this friendship tale with acting by Irrfan Khan, dance-routine from Shah Rukh Khan and his ladies, and marketing courtesy Salon and Beauty Parlors’ Association.

It's extremely interesting that Shah Rukh Khan's home production is doing a film with Irrfan Khan. I mean commerce meets art. Pretty cool. Irrfan will emote and Shah Rukh will do the slo-mo entries, play himself, and all that jazz. Everyone is happy. Except for a few like me who can't handle it when he plays himself. But we're a minority. So, let division of labor and specialization take over.

Also, isn't it good in a way that an Irrfan starrer is promoted by Shah Rukh? More people will watch and hopefully admire Irrfan. Maybe 3-4 movies down the line Irrfan would have multiplied his following by a huge factor. Shame that we need a Shah Rukh to do that, but so be it.

But, then again the last Priyadarshan movie that delivered a decent laugh was Hungama. That was 6 years ago.

Meanwhile as is in vogue these days, we have the barbers hairdressers getting offended by the original title. So, Shah Rukh gracefully took the "offensive" word off -

Billu has been made with good feelings about love and goodness. If it is hurting somebody, let me not do it.

Also turns out other words meaning hairdresser - hajaam, nai - are going to be beeped out. Tch-tch-tch. There goes the last hope of having any reality.

On the other hand, Irrfan has been working hard to get it right -

Not hair-styling, mind you. I don't want to learn the barber's art from some posh salon in a 7-star hotel ... The bonafide barbers hold the scissors in a different manner and the way they hold the customer's hair is different. ... As soon as I finish learning I'll probably cut Shah Rukh Khan's hair.

Here's hoping some of that humor passes on to the film too. And of course, the research too. Ahem.