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Asks pertinent questions subtly, but everything about it seems like it is for “effect”. None of it germane to a story.



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30 tweeters have given Begum Jaan an average rating of 3.4/5.0(?)

19 yays
8 nays
3 so-so
  • svf2109: Begum jaan,overhyped rubbish,overrated fat middle aged actor thinks that shouting out a few m's and B's is good acting.dull and boring.
  • SRKian_Aliya: Watch Begum Jaan if you haven't !
  • sohini_6: "As a Bollywood remake, Begum Jaan fails to rebuild the same essence and integrity of the bengali original Rajkahini"
  • silverscreenin: BegumJaan is a trifle pretending to be a serious drama about feminism and politics. Read our review:
  • shafiqulhasan81: #BegumJaan Even With Flaws Wins Hearts With Élan #MovieReview #Bollywood
  • sbose1980: Begam Jaan came to be a total disgrace for Vidya Balan and the rest.....
  • SaluHeer: Just saw begum jaan vidya is good but needs to stop doing single women escentric roles. This movie is 2.5 out of 5. Flop movie vidya can act
  • nitinsharmampi6: Begam jaan is an awesome movie not bcoz I m fan of anyone of them its just bcoz they show harsh reality of our society & mentality of people
  • nikoo_sharma: BEGUM JAAN is a classic piece of art, great work guys. something worth cherish after long time. @vidya_balan @GAUAHAR_KHAN kudos to all
  • NidaAnam3: Watched Begum jaan ..., outstanding
  • Naa_Cheese: If I had a gun with 2 bullets in a room with Hitler, Osama, & the guy who made Begum Jaan, I would shoot the guy who made Begum Jaan twice.
  • movizark: ‘Begum Jaan’ is watchable for Balan’s performance, but falls short due to its loud…
  • MoGoSheeks99: Begum Jaan Review: Vidya Balan with her women gang slams patriarchy right into its face
  • LegalKant: ‘Begum Jaan’ is an assault on the senses
  • Kanchankryst735: Begum Jaan is awsome #movie . Acting of the entire cast is rad. Never thought d result of partition, to this human community. #begumjaan
  • Kabramoin18: Begum jaan is amazing movie @vidya_balan
  • i_Arhaan: Begum Jaan was surprisingly good
  • iakankshajindal: Begum jaan ❤ I am out of words seriously. I can't express my feelings for the movie. @GAUAHAR_KHAN ma'am as Rubina…
  • hollybollybuzz: Begum Jaan movie review: Vidya Balan’s acting abilities crumble under the burden of this over dramatic mess
  • harshktweets: DEEP REVIEW: Begum Jaan**** @vidya_balan @GAUAHAR_KHAN @VisheshFilms
  • FilmySasi: With all its mind-numbing loudness, Srijit Mukherji's #BegumJaan is surprisingly ineffective!
  • Essentialvirla: Begum Jaan can change the way how our society thinks towards the women atrocities
  • dhillonaman: Begum Jaan is good cinema, if you feel the tragedy of the people who weren't even once asked before making them...
  • ddpthorat: Begum Jaan a superb movie..Must see for the acting of Vidya Balan with a strong Story line..Strong Contender for Best Actress and Director
  • coolabrez: Begum jaan a wonderful movie. With a great message.
  • charmar_sra: Begum Jaan What a movie Awesome performances from all the actors specially @vidya_balan @GAUAHAR_KHAN You both nailed it
  • BookMyBollywood: 11 women who put up a tough fight, here are 5 reasons why you should watch #BegumJaan: #Bollywood
  • BollyOutsider: Begum Jaan is so so. - Bollywood Outsider #My Forecast
  • alpharay63: #begum jaan Mind-blowing movie. Real story. Voice of AB. Screenplay. Art. Cinematography and lastly no doubt #Bidya .just amazing.
  • 123Vipin1: Begum Jaan one of the best movie I have seen so far... Loved every character in the movie..Nd music , screenplay everything about the movie.