Bareilly Ki Barfi - Preview

wogma rating: Even the keen, wait for DVD (?)
quick review:

If even a ridiculous plot feels real, it says a lot about performances and all departments that work on the look and feel of a film including art and costume design.



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When you hear of Ayushman Khurana And Rajkummar Rao in one frame, it is really exciting. You expect sparks to fly, roars of laughter, intense yet grounded drama – bascically you expect something to happen. However, the trailer puts all that excitement to rest – not in a good way.

There are no quips or crisp lines. The plot doesn't seem exciting. The narrative doesn't look savvy or real. Maybe it is this texture, but the usually engaging cast seem like they are going through the motions. I seriously hope, two minutes are not enough to gauge what a film holds.

Bareilly Ki Barfi releases on 18 August 2017.