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Azaan is a well-stylized action thriller. However, its punctuated by tiring romance. What could've been a gripping drama, stretches too long and outstays its welcome by just that bit.



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27 tweeters have given Azaan an average rating of 2.7/5.0(?)

13 yays
11 nays
3 so-so
  • vjrhea: Just saw Azaan, fantastic!! Cried, smiled, beautiful!! What a film., have to check it out tomorrow , u guys!! Sleep sweet!
  • success4future: Bollywood flick 'Azaan' is cool:) Spy thriller..worth a watch
  • Saffu33: And yeah, superb cinematography! #azaan
  • rahulpkt: #AZAAN is the movie, everyone should really check out for once. not a very good star cast but really very attractive storyline.
  • oongalbaaz: I quite liked #Mod and then Hyderabadi Food Festival :-)
  • kabravaibhav: Yes.......! Hollywood stuff in #Aazaan. great Movie and Great use of technology but screen play is week. Overall Aazaan is 4.5 star movie
  • itswaquar: Though the action in #azaan was inspired by bourne series, it is worth a watch....
  • hanif_aries_m: Go watch it Azaan movie , good photography and direction .
  • HalimaNyomi: Azaan would be film of the year... If Ra.One and Don 2 didn't release this year ;) @iamsrk ftw.
  • bollywood_life: AAZAAN Movie review: Arguably the best-looking action film: Aazaan is not a film which wastes time in self-congr...
  • ashutosh_bansal: Saw #azaan today.. Amzingly shot movie super action but less of soul.. All in all good treat for action lovers so I liked itt..
  • Apoorve_k: Azaan is interesting movie.Total hollywood style.Not bad.Doesn't have a single boring moment.Full of thrill/action/exotic foreign locations.
  • AazaanMovie: True to what they promised, Aazaan indeed takes Indian cinema at par with global cinema. ★★★★ by @filmsofindia
  • rahul_tweeter: Watchd #Azaan ,-ve points:half baked story,lead actor wid robot xpression n tragic end. +ve side:action n cinemtogrphy r grt. Onetym watch.
  • himanshutup: Azaan gud story but damn slow ...
  • gautamkolluru: #azaan....... An average movie.... Has -ves that were imp n most +ves were not imp for rating it a good film.... Music was commendable n...
  • ZafeerAKhan: Just Watched "Azaan" nice Actor But dull Movie..
  • Shnkrules: #Azaan -1.5/5 Weak script, bad performncs, confusing direction,faulty screenplay ,good cinematogrphy,soothing music..this is it!
  • prshah: Aazaan ... The worst drama ever!!! #fail
  • luckyprabhakar: Azaan is very boring film don't watch
  • heboyme: #Azaan - Horrible Movie. If anyone understood the storyline of the movie, let me know!
  • harsh83: Watched Azaan yesterday. Very disappointed. Story didn't do justice to neither the biological threat arc, nor the taliban arc
  • BluntyCorner: Saw AZAAN 2day evening. Terrible Movie. It was a pain sitting thru the entire film. Poora mood kharaab ho gaya
  • bEinggShasHanK: Azaan not a good movie unlike my expectations
  • athisha: saw aazaan hindi movie. Just one word 'shit'
  • arifanjum1234: AAZAAN.......Boring.
  • ankitparekh6: i am see movie azaan.... very boring movie yaar......