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Preview: The trailer certainly grabs your attention, even if it raises flags as it moves along. Will ‘different’ transgress into cliché and patronising? Here’s hoping not. ... read more...
Review: Hichki review by meeta is expected on 23 March.

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Hichki - Preview

Inclusivity gets double attention – in jobs and in education; of people with speech disabilities and of people from a low-income background. And this is always welcome. The plot does look a lot similar to Freedom Writers with additional constraints for characters that could make it either very interesting or a tad too melodramatic.

As it stand now, though, I am looking forward to it with a pinch of salt. At some point in the trailer it looked like the film is inching towards patronising. A good beginning is at least I don’t see Rani Mukerji break into song to overcome her speech disability. That’s one stereotype broken. Here’s hoping for more.

Hichki releases on 23 March, 2018.

Music Reviews:
Bollyspice - "2/5"
Bollywood Hungama - "2/5"
Movie Talkies – "1.5/5"
The Reel, Scroll.in - "not a game-changer but carries a fair share of promise"

- meeta, a part of the audience

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