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Everyone annoyingly thinks and behaves like they own this district called Ghaziabad. Best you keep away from them. To do that stay away from the film, please.



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47 tweeters have given Zila Ghaziabad an average rating of 2.1/5.0(?)

17 yays
25 nays
5 so-so
  • _anand__: Zila Ghaziabad ★★★★★. Must watch.
  • virenkavaiya: Zila Ghaziabad- 2.star
  • subhojitisdutta: Most 3rd class movie.....144 min.....omg.....dont waste ur [email protected] GHAZIABAD
  • skrd2010: "Zila Ghaziabad" Director lost himself in searching correct address...save ur money & time...!!!
  • Sillysayshie: Nothing better to watch #ZillaGhaziabad in Ghaziabad Cineplex amidst abundance of applauds & whistles throughout ;) Mast timepass movie
  • siddhantchauhan: Looks like all losers got together in this flick - zila ghaziabad
  • showdecider: Dreary plot, disgraceful acting, poor direction! -http://www.showdecider.com/zila-ghaziabad http://twitter.com/showdecider/status/305147441836085249/photo/1
  • sherali11579728: good movie Zila.Ghaziabad
  • Sharma10S: Zila Ghaziabad one time watch
  • shaan00007: Zila Ghaziabad .....Mast movie ....must watch !!!
  • Sethumadhavan: Zila Ghaziabad-unable to find the right adjectives to describe this joke of a film.A gangster film that turns out unintentionally funny :)
  • SERP_SMO: " #Zila Ghaziabad = Mental Torture "
  • SalilShukla_: Zila Ghaziabad. Do.not.see.
  • ruudarjun09: Zila Ghaziabad, amazing story, superb performances. 4 stars. @duttsanjay #ZilaGhaziabad
  • rohil_b: Don't go for @vivek_oberoi movies it sucks recently wen for one @zila ghaziabad it suckedd as well so vivek oberio is a sucking actor ! :D
  • RMAhmad: Zila Ghaziabad, is a low rated, pathetic film unlike special 26 which was also low rated but Excellent Comedy.
  • RJPunita: Arshad Warsi, your acting speaks for itself. We need more of @imarshadwarsi kudos to zila ghaziabad...
  • rjanup: Zilla Ghaziabad Mirchi Bioscope :1/5 mirchis #Film ke Director ko to khush hona chahiye ki film ko A... http://www.facebook.com/rj.anup.uae/posts/545152295519460
  • ReverseSwing77: Must hv done something really bad in last janam ...treated myself wid zilla ghaziabad on my bday...y did I do tat....spoiled ething
  • rakhshanjq212: Watched zila ghaziabad.....full on action.....gr8 work by @imarshadwarsi @vivek_oberoi @duttsanjay .....loved it.....#zila ghaziabad
  • rakeshtanmay: 'Zila Ghaziabad' is a 2* production by Bachchan Vinod. Not even a proper nautanki. Avoidable item type dances also make it a poor creation.
  • prabalbaba: Zila Ghaziabad is nothing more than a mix of Bhaigiri & Netagiri..... Just watched the movie for Sanjay Dutt :)
  • mayurjango: Zila Ghaziabad was a bakwas movie.
  • mayuraamarkant: #Zilla Ghaziabad - inspired from every film u have seen...:( :(...shaayad single screens mein chalegi...
  • manish2070: Zila Ghaziabad is such a bad attempt to copy Dabbang. Sanjay Dutt manages to get the screen exactly after half the movie.
  • MAHAWI__a: *ZILA GHAZIABAD* Action& amazing movie :&
  • lazysoul9: Why i watched Vivek Oberai movies :/ Zila ghaziabad another worst movie
  • komal12july: Just watched Zila Ghaziabad! Amazing movie..rocking performances and superb action! This one you guys surely cannot miss! Loved it!
  • kartikbeat: One time Check in Zilla Ghaziabad
  • iPrasenjit_M: Good God, Zila Ghaziabad! Go watch it!!!
  • hill_post: Zila Ghaziabad – full of agonizing experiences (Movie Review): A story lost in its own… http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/hillpost/~3/lHwpKa4wOcw/pandey?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=myhimachal
  • gurnaaz_r: Zila Ghaziabad was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. #horrible #wasteoftime
  • FuzzSays: So went to see Zila Ghaziabad tonight and really hated it. Flying men, flying cars, magic bullets... too 'over the top' for my taste! :/
  • Fattiemama: Inviting all those who have watched Zilla Ghaziabad for a group healing session.
  • debsankar1980: Watched Zila Ghaziabad (2013) based on 2 rival groups.ONE TIME WATCH only bcos of Arshad Warsi, playing a negative role.
  • DanishMunaf1: Awesome movie Zila Ghaziabad @vox cinema
  • coolashrita: Movie Review: Zila Ghaziabad (***) http://www.gogru.in/home/movies/view.php?id=4260
  • chauhan_himansu: Zilla ghaziabad...!! Awsm mOvIe..:-)
  • beeba_puttar: Zila Ghaziabad has been rated 1.5 stars. Not sure about the movie ratings though.
  • AnuragBorkar: Kai Po Che! - **** Zila Ghaziabad - * 1/2
  • aman_8558: Zila Ghaziabad was a good movie arshad warsi did a good villain role and Vivek oberoi did a good role too and Sanjay dutt was the best
  • aditya_grover: ZILA GHAZIABAD [Movie Review] (1/5) Reviewed by: ADITYA GROVER http://www.facebook.com/itsmyopinion.movies https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=422765114485045&l=0cfa473ac3
  • abnishch: yestarday i saw zila ghaziabad excellent movie vivek oberai & arshad varsi rocks
  • AbhishekBoora: Zila Ghaziabad.... A Must Action Thriller..!! Script , Direction, action are highlight of the Movie. Arshad in never seen before Role..
  • 94_naz: Zila ghaziabad awesome movie :) Great job @duttsanjay @imarshadwarsi @vivek_oberoi