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Two and a half hours of detachment. Not in a good way.



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69 tweeters have given Yaariyan an average rating of 2.0/5.0(?)

27 yays
41 nays
1 so-so
  • Yewnop: Yaariyan Movie sUcks Man :D
  • yasirzubair786: Yaariyan ........ wahi porani story kuch nyaa nhi hai is movie main bus dekhaya thora style se hai......... :/
  • Yashshivalkar: Yaariyan is a wonderful movie <3
  • vmargaj: Yaariyan Qki bakwaas gaane gaane gaane gaane gaane.....
  • viruraj3: Yaariyan sucks..ZERO rating .
  • vasudevil91: Wat a bornig and childish movie.. #Yaariyan * 1 star movie....
  • varoom98: halfway through yaariyan...<3 awesome movie #procrastinationatitsfinest #shouldbedoinghomework
  • VaishuSalvi: Time Pass n Yaariyan.. Both nice movie! :)
  • UwesHashmi: #Yaariyan Movie Dekhne K Bad Din Bahot Good Lag Raha Hai Missing My Collage Friends
  • TheSadPokemon: It takes a genius director to achieve the worst movie of the year, only ten days into the year. #Yaariyan
  • teleworldin: Movie Review: ‘Yaariyan’ 2 stars Yaariyan starring: Himansh Kohli, Rakul Preet, Nicole Faria, Dev Sharma,... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=281515835334496
  • SwarajBoddu: Yaariyan is such a wonderful movie for this year it will definatly like youth nice entertaiment movie
  • SuraParth: Watched #Yaariyan awesome movie !
  • SRKswarrior1: So dedh ishqiya is getting 5/5 and yaariyan is getting 0/5 stars , hmmm
  • SohiniDogra: Yaariyan :D Amazing Movie . Superb Story . Yet Too Touchhyy and Its a MUST Watch ! ♥ @himanshkohli @shivam3vedi
  • shubro_g: Tweet 29- JSt saw yaariyan. a gr8 film. the #yaariyanweekend is over. its showtime
  • Shivam013: #Yaariyan is so bad that even the popcorn falls asleep with you in the theatre. Avoid it to mantain your sanity.
  • SarangRajvansh: Yaariyan...such a wonderfull movie...
  • sakshi_jain18: Saw #Yaariyan today.... Was jst an awsome movie.....loved @himanshkohli ...AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME:-)
  • sahithimanaswin: #yaariyan Expected story with unexpected stunts
  • SagarKarani: Plz do not see the movie yaariyan it suxs... It is worse Dan dhoom 3
  • Rohit70102554: Yaariyan must watch.......
  • RK0105: Calling #Yaariyan silly would be the understatement of the year. It is mind-numbing idiotic. Waste of Money
  • real_ayush: Yaariyan is a shit movie.
  • RahulKhatod: Yaariyan Rocks @Yaariyantweets #YaariyanWeekend #YaariyanWeekend #YaariyanWeekend #YaariyanWeekend
  • prishrm: #YAARIYAN wht a movie it is! I don't hv words to appreciate....n ys hw can I frgt lakshya.....:* M in luv wid @himanshkohli! <3 #LYSVM
  • Pre_06: Yaariyan is such a stupid movie. Total waste of time.
  • PranavMotwani: Watched "YAARIYAN" today..!! -_- . Then i suddenly realised that i bunked my ACCOUNTS lecture for such a CRAP... https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=710433015662927&id=350301128342786
  • prabhu84: Half a star for Yaariyan - LOL
  • Piyuple: talking bout movies, I went to watch Yaariyan yesterday! #WorstMovieOf2014
  • palki2: #yaariyan nyc movie nd #himanshkohli is tooo tooo cute bt i cried 3 tymes in d movie :p
  • Natwar_rathore: #Yaariyan really awesome movie. @himanshkohli and @Rakulpreet dono hi is movie ki jaan h. LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3
  • mutahir_17: Love the movie yaariyan♥
  • MullahPakistani: Cannot watch Yaariyan. Nice music notwithstanding.
  • melroserocks7: Jz saw #Yaariyan movie!!!Wat a movie it was!It was awesome!!Seriously luv it!Great job by @himanshkohli @Rakulpreet n the #Yaariyan team!!:)
  • M0ckstar: #Yaariyan - 1.5/5. Waste of time and money.
  • LUV_IMRAINA: Watchd Yaariyan..!! Bakwas Movie...!! O out of 5 for Movie...!!! Dnt Go....!!! #Request
  • Kumar0006Rk: Yaariyan is paisa vasool....location was superb...cool music..@taran
  • KetanGilda: We owe it to the nation, esp those who have suffered Yaariyan #MoviesBetterThanYaariyan
  • Jaymin1nine: #Yaariyan was not upto what i expected from the movie. i mean not at all #sigh!
  • jas_canuck92: #Yaariyan is a very cliched, formulaic, corny, unrealistic college film...But its a highly enjoyable, and a very ENTERTAINING film!!!
  • iSakyb: Yaariyan,a complete waste of time. Dedh Ishqiya,way more worth it!!
  • iNirmalHR: Jitna Expect Kiya Tha Utni Achhi Nahi Hai #Yaariyan
  • imbabaji: Do not watch yaariyan. I repeat do not watch yaariyan. Waste of money.
  • iChinmayMehta: #Yaariyan awsum movie...!!! #goodStory #bestCast @Yaariyantweets
  • HumTumMatrimony: kuch bhi karna weekend pe but yaariyan muvi mat dekhna... what a shit muvi :-(
  • HRangoonwala19: Whattay movie that was..Yaariyan..best one!!!weekend to crazy hgya yawr ^.^
  • Hitenlucifer: Informing yu all further.......yaariyan s a worst movie I hd ever seen.....it's better yu don't waste yur money
  • goldyaish: Watched #Yaariyan Too good! Full of music..masti..mazaa..mouj..emotions..romance..race etc etc @himanshkohli you are kamaal! @Yaariyantweets
  • gautam_bakhru: #Yaariyan is absolute pathetic, disgusting and worst movie of the century. I want my money back.
  • DsouzaJennifer: Saw Yaariyan today! People criticizing the movie just because it's a sincere attempt by newcomers. Acting and Direction is nicely done!
  • DJGOEL: Money saving tip: DON'T WATCH YAARIYAN.. — feeling bored
  • DirtyDastoor: Dekhne gaya Yaariyan, ban gaya Chutya! #flop
  • dhaval_thakkar_: it comes down to how many minutes do you survive for #yaariyan.
  • DesiMogli: जो लोग सिर्फ अच्छे गानों की वजह से कोई फिल्म देखने चले जाते हैं वो महा चूतिए होते हैं #Yaariyan
  • DeepjyotiKumar: BOI: Yaariyan First success of the Year; Dedh Ishqiya flops. http://www.naachgaana.com/2014/01/12/boi-yaariyan-first-success-of-the-year-dedh-ishqiya-flops/
  • CoolShatul: #yaariyan ekdum bakwas !!!
  • Confused_Chora: 'Yaariyan' a complete shitty experience.
  • biswatosh: Wow Surprising !! Yaariyan Scores Better Than Dedh Ishqiya.
  • Ayeshasama3: Marz Bhi haain deti jaan b hai Leti Yaariyan
  • ashitweety: Yaariyan- 2 stars.. the old masala served again. dedh ishqiyan- 4 stars.you may not understand the film at one time.. but its a must watch..
  • ArPitGarg2222: yaariyan movie, good attempt by divya kholsa kumar, overall good movie and all the new comers- well done, good work
  • anuhelios: Now m know y DedhIshqiya z gud coz Yaariyan is toatally bakwaas...nly cleavages,1long kiss,no story,hochPoch bas aur kuch nhi .
  • anubhavpandey73: Yaariyan =baba ji ka thullu
  • Aniket414: Yaariyan-Dumb And Dumber. It is death by film. Mind numbingly dumb and overwhelmingly stupid, this is the kind of... http://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=643523985705584&id=100001439668694
  • aks_india: --->> @mohitraj: If you take your friend watch Yaariyan this weekend, then your Yarri with him will be in danger as movie is so pathetic
  • akshita_sharma4: watched yaariyan n its awsm movie !
  • akshay6777: #Yaariyan ok movie one time watch :D
  • AkkaBond: No #Yaariyan for me after reading the review. It's more of a Yawn-iyan it seems.