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Rajdhani Express - Twitter Reviews

Rajdhani Express

Not rated by wogma

I tried to catch Rajdhani Express this morning, but the show was cancelled because I was the only one there to watch it. :(

Anyway, I'll hopefully have twitter verdict and external reviews up by Monday afternoon. Thank you for stopping by.

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15 tweeters have given Rajdhani Express an average rating of 0.5/5.0(?)

1 yays
13 nays
1 so-so
  • Tutejajoginder: Rajdhani Express: A senseless affair marred by poor script, bad direction, weird editing, odd music, laughable scenes, lost Leander 1/2 star
  • shaileshkapoor: Just saw Rajdhani Express ground event coverage on Times Now. Embarrassed. Why Leander Why?
  • moiedelhaam: Rajdhani express #Leander Paes is good actor. But weak screen palay # primers
  • LokmatAnuj: Rajdhani Express. very poor film. Leander Paes, better to play Tenis only. only half star
  • kamaalrkhan: 5 films are releasing on Friday but I can review only 3. Dehradun Diary- 1 star. Rajdhani express- 1.5 star. Table No.21- 2 stars.
  • JabTakHaiKhan: As expected "Rajdhani Express" is a bad #Fail
  • HimanshuKaush18: Worrrrsssstttt movie...Rajdhani express...
  • Has2BFilmy: Rajdhani Express is a film which unfolds the true expression of India - Has2bfilmy Ratings for film is 3.00 Stars
  • gauravaery: Rajdhani Express - nice movie...shows the reality of our political system..don,t know on what basis critics give such bad comments watchable
  • dmaplu: rajdhani express bakwas film hai
  • AtishayAgarwal: 'Rajdhani Express' movie review: "The characters are enough to convince you to never board the country's flagship train ever again." #ROFL
  • arijit_rkr: First two releases of d year 2013 - Rajdhani Express & Table no. 21 very dissappointing
  • apurvnagpal: Rajdhani Express : my review : an absolutely disastrous ride
  • AnilKumar_MK: RAJDHANI EXPRESS My first mistake of the year!!!
  • Angryindianbwoy: I guess Vinod Kambli's Annarth n Ajay jadega's Khel looks like Masterpiece Infront of leander's Rajdhani Express...

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Comments (5)


Rajdhani express - Point Blank Justice.....Good a message to the entire nation....."public ki haalat ki zimmedar public khud hai" which is absolutely true...this dialogue from jimmy has strike my mind..a movie which give a some messages in intervals of times... every citizen should watch it once... not for anyone, for their-self..

Saurabh Mangal:

Too bad. Even theatres are not professional in India... I have seen movies alone in theaters in USA so many times...


@swati oh is it? Hopefully, I can catch it when it's out on TV/DVD.

@Saurabh Well, I don't know if I would want to see a film in a theater with less than 5 people. Just would be very uncomfortable from safety point of view.

Dattaprasad Godbole:

"I don't know if I would want to see a film in a theater with less than 5 people. Just would be very uncomfortable from safety point of view"

That, dear, is a very wise decision.


@Dattaprasad Yep! Sad but true...

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