One By Two - Preview

wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
quick review:

An attempt at being fun, cute, and philosophical. You wish it were an attempt with more conviction. Yet, a decent TV watch.



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What would life be like without a new rom-com every once in two months? Even if it is a bad one. It's a bonus then, that One By Two doesn't come across as a bad film, even if not a good one.

There is some quippy dialogue and of course, there is always hope when Abhay Deol has signed a film. Unfortunately, the trailer does make it all look too superficial and/or gimmicky. That aside, such trailers almost always give you the feel that everything good/decent about the film has already been exposed in the trailer. So, you are going to find hardly any thing new, interesting in the film.

Top it off with director, Devika Bhagat's filmography. She has written many a romantic comedies, but none that were made you look again. Maybe, directing what she has written will make for a better film. Or worse?

Interestingly, there are no music reviews out. You do see three songs in the playlist 'pakoed' which is cute, 'kaboom' which is blah and 'khushfehmiya which is appropriately romantic for a rom-com. What caught my attention is that the songs have decent lyrics and that always gives me hope.

Update: Music Review - music aloud: "8/10"