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How many more times do we have to see lovers who are too cool for love/marriage? I say, enough already.



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71 tweeters have given Ok Jaanu an average rating of 2.6/5.0(?)

34 yays
32 nays
5 so-so
  • YashRaj14434909: Sradhha your film ok jaanu is super Dooper hit
  • VrutantMUFC: 'Ok Jaanu' and 'Haramkhor' released this week. Your Girlfriend will address you as 'Haramkhor' if you take her to watch 'Ok Jaanu'.
  • vishesh_tyagi: Moral of the movie #OkJaanu & #Befikre are same. Nothing new in Ok Jaanu.
  • VinayaJhangiani: The original version of Ok Jaanu was much better than the remake. Shraddha seemed fake and Aditya, though a cutie, was awkward throughout.
  • VibhouteeSharma: Go watch OK JAANU !! Supercute movie !! #okjaanu #movie #bollywoood #KaranJohar #dharmaproduction https://t.co/ZEg1Pq9rB7
  • Varsheneee: Ok Jaanu 10/10 must watch but not with parents
  • trishyishy: Ok Jaanu was sucha cutesy movie. Light and easy with a perfect dose of sexy.
  • TheAnushkaDesa1: So I watched Ok Jaanu. ITS TWO HOURS OF THEM BEING CUTE BUT THERES NO STORY??!?!!?????? Also Ok Kanmani wins hands down
  • singharjun9: The best Thing about Ok Jaanu is Its A very Relatable to the type of relationship are happening these days ! Must watch :)
  • ShristiAveiro: Ok Janu is shit.
  • SHRIRAM003: Not ok, jaanu...
  • ShraddhakLovely: #OkJaanu ok jaanu movie is really romantic movie I am watch it and like it and enjoy it .. @ShraddhaKapoor I love it ...movie
  • saurabhkalra5: Ok Jaanu... Really Really Bad!!!
  • SaltyAnshu: Ok janu...is the best moveee.... I like it ....very much ....love u maam...
  • sabya44: Year 2017 starts with a great disappointment called ok jaanu...Only thing is good in it is its music..Good show A.R rehman
  • Roshni_sidshra: Just watched OK jaanu! The whole film is a treat and quite cute! You'll fall in love again with this film! A must watch!
  • robertheking_: Ok jaanu was so cute !!! Omgggg
  • roadrash2229: Dont u dare to watch Ok janu... Feeling like to commit suicide
  • richpal_mehriya: Guy: Movie dekhni hai? Girl: OK Jaanu. Guy: XXX? Girl: Haraamkhor! What a difficult weekend it is for movies...
  • realtanmoy7: Ok Jaanu Review: You’re sure to walk out of the theatre with a warm-fuzzy feeling https://t.co/L46K1YaPfj
  • prxyamohan: expected too much from ok jaanu
  • pavanvoice: Ok Jaanu ....the original was headache ...this was torture ... #Bollywood #Movie #Remake #Review
  • Oye_raza: Ok jaanu..such an awesome movie.!
  • nimairh: ok, Jaanu. 10/10!!!!
  • NamkeenJalebi: Ok Jaanu was a better depiction of our generation's love life.
  • NakulnC789: #OkJaanu Just Like the original, chemistry between the leading pair, music & #NaseeruddinShah character makes Ok Jaanu a decent watch 3/5
  • Naidu_Pramod: Review: OK Jaanu A film made for idiots by idiots. Nothing happens in this film... just two grown up ppl behaving like 15 yr olds. Zero ⭐
  • mysticashi: Really happy that I watched OK Janu. Movie is (I don't know)* I wouldn't have watched it even on TV & missed the incredible background score
  • mohitag76465414: Watched a movie last night... Dont know wat its name was ok janu or ok jhantu!
  • Meem_Hye: Movies like Ok Janu are old wine in new bottle.
  • ManaliB0103: Ok Jaanu is by far Shraddha Kapoor's & Aditya Roy Kapoor's worst movie till date
  • mainbhiengineer: Review: 'Ok Jaanu' is as bad as 'I love you but as a friend'.
  • Mahadev88689442: OK JAANU SUPER SE UPAR MOVI
  • lureyznk: Can't believe I watched Ok Janu
  • LOTUSBARUA: 3*ok janu... — feeling awesome
  • KushJain03: Instead of Ok Jaanu, recieving "hmm" from her sounds more romantic & Even that "hmm" has a story. #NotOkJaanu
  • kunalnss30: Wanted some good sleep. Watched OK Jaanu, I'm feeling refreshed now! (In short: Movie bghta bghta chann zopp lagli)
  • kambliamol: Not So "Ok Jaanu"......
  • Jainam63840076: Worst movie of my life "ok jaanu" Plz @ShraddhaKapoor And @AdityaRoyKapoor make ur choice better.........
  • jadva_soniya: Ok janu bast and nice movies and love you sardha
  • InUthdotcom: Breaking stereotypes and more, why #Aditya- @Shraddha's #OKJaanu is a nice coming of age romance. @DharmaMovies… https://t.co/eNTLccdty8
  • Inc_Avi: OK Janu is good one https://t.co/iDRWq9rWDT
  • Icy_Dragonati: My friend's review for ok Jaanu... It wasnt even Ok yaar... Wasted money on weekend ticket :(
  • iconohclast: Well, that Kapur and Kapoor have zero chemistry was evident. #OkJaanu had to be meh-er than meh.… https://t.co/gGTJoCyeUJ
  • iashwanibhagat: OK Jaanu isn't a love story it's just a love without story
  • iamankita6: Watched #Ok_Jaanu it's a very sweet and cute love story..I love it..gd job everyone..
  • Hello_Kaivy: I really want my love story to be like Ok jaanu ❤️ Adishra #canthelpfallinginlove
  • girly_mariam: I can't accept ok Janu
  • Gaurav_se57: Great to see xXx performing much better than Ok jaanu.
  • emeraldreshma: I really loved Ok Jaanu and my cute Jaanus AdiShra!!!They were really awesome!! https://t.co/VED5DcIBcq
  • DmitryByrnes: Thank You Jaanu For a Wonderful Weekend With You!❤ #OkJaanu https://t.co/liIkV0cjEj https://t.co/czsP2ybjbg
  • DesireMaze: Not ok, jaanu.
  • deepikao2_: Ilove ok jaanu ohh god it's was amazing
  • deepakmulik10: Ok janu is a simple romantic love story ..shraddha kapoor steals the show with he mesmerising performance...
  • dearrathish: Ok Jaanu Movie - Just OK :(
  • chetanlfc: In 90s Rahman sir Alone has managed to pull D crowd..OK Jaanu flopped thanks !!They would have been labelled as superstars !!
  • ChemistryPlaza1: Film review: Lack of chemistry between stars means OK Jaanu is a waste of time - The National https://t.co/q0MKBa8Hir
  • boxwala_: went for ok janu! fell asleep half way thru!
  • Bhuut_: "OK Jaanu" ke gaanay achay hain, but why on earth would u name your movie that.
  • BeingGeetaS: "OK Jaanu" must watch movie.
  • BaeKapoor: OK Jaanu is pretty good. Their chemistry is beyond amazing. Btw look at the way Tara is looking at Adi..
  • astrorator: Sick of millennial love stories like OK Jaanu.
  • Areejness: Ok Janu (1.5/10)
  • ardb_1234: Watched Ok Jaanu and the only thing intriguing was Mr. @arrahman 's music !!
  • AnytimeVijay: #OkJaanu ok jaanu movie is really romantic movie I am watch it and like it and enjoy it .. @ShraddhaKapoor I love it ...movie
  • Akshayjadhav949: Ok Jaanu #awesome #favactress #ShraddhaKapoor #Loveforever ❤
  • adityapawar2: Ok jaanu great awesome movie good way to kick off the year!!
  • abhishe36399536: OK jaanu is the best movie for couple
  • abhisek_s: OK Jaanu is enjoyable for the most parts, despite lacking the chemistry between the leads like its original.