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Yet another rom-com. But this time the story and characters touch your heart. Mostly. Ultimately, London Paris New York falls prey to typical drama.



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77 tweeters have given London Paris New York an average rating of 3.9/5.0(?)

58 yays
15 nays
4 so-so
  • yash_63: London paris newyork A movie worth a watch ... The. Glimpse of a classic romantic hollywood movie : )
  • vivekranjit: London Paris New York is a decent date movie (if you have a date, unlike me).. @AliZafarsays & Aditi Rao are excellent!!
  • Ushajn: The movie London Paris Newyork is cute, simple, funny.....absolutely loved it.
  • TheSlumDawg: I liked London,Paris, New York.
  • ThePoorvaBhatia: Saw #lpny today and LOVED it! U act and look so awesome in it:) @AliZafarsays just like aditi,I too fell in love with u thrice. ♥ great job!
  • Susan_AZian: two thumbs up for #LPNY . its a brilliant film :) @AliZafarsays @lpnythemovie @shrishtiarya @GOLDIEBEHL @anumenon1805
  • sohnianika: #LPNY showed that in a relationship, the blame doesn't always have to be one sided, and compromise solves all. good job @AliZafarsays
  • SocialPaparazzi: Me too! Fun watch! RT: @TheSlumDawg I liked London,Paris, New York.
  • shwetash: London Paris New York was a sweet romantic n relaxing movie :)
  • shashanksaras: #LPNY @GOLDIEBEHL Whao spended cute sweet 2 hrs @AliZafarsays hyper talented Hydari ws also kool #REFRESHING
  • shagufta147: Very well written & executed with effortless acting by aditi & @AliZafarsays and the music is icing on d cake. Thoroughly charmed. #LPNY
  • saum245: London Paris New York...nice cute short movie...nd of course #alizafar is jst tooooo cute :)
  • Sameera_H: Everyone go and watch London Paris New York. Great acting and story. Different kind of cinema but it's still so Bollywood. Feel good :)
  • saleemawan4: ali zafar i,m big fan pf urs your filim is lpny is fantastic
  • rit_spunk: Aditi Rao & Ali Zafar steals d show in #LPNY extreme performances.. superhit-!!
  • rasib98: Saw LPNY in chennai its amazing....gud [email protected]
  • Radhika_AZian: "@AliZafarfanclub: What is your favourite scene in #lpny ?" Mmmm...difficutl to decide. All scenes are awesome :D
  • rach1ta: London Paris New York - what an amazing movie!
  • preethi_kamath: "London Paris New York" made my day! Love my NYC! :) :) :)
  • Prabhakar2July: #lpny a Sweet Love Story .. @AliZafarsays to awesome in #lpny . . cong to u for making #lpny . . @GOLDIEBEHL
  • patel_urvee: London, Paris, New York <3
  • NithyaKaushik: #lpny a nicely made movie with crackling chemistry btwn d lead actors..and its a treat to watch, hear @AliZafarsays ..*gushy smile*
  • nissh10: Watch #LPNY , nice refreshing movie..loved @AliZafarsays and Aditi's acting...
  • niimiira: London Paris New York was a re vamped more entertaining version of the 2004 yawner Hum Tum I feel..
  • niha_chopra: Oh my god! LPNY was amazing! The sweetest movie I've ever seen! You are soo awesome @AliZafarsays ....wish you luck!
  • muhammadaly88: Just watched #LPNY ♥♥♥.... Amazingggggg Moviee..!! Totallly in lovee with it ... Has sumthn veryy special !!! @AliZafarsays
  • MoazzamPuri: London.Paris.New York <3
  • mirage1384: Portrayals of LuV may differ n change with times but the pain n longing remain the same=-? LPNY <3 feel good(y)
  • MeghnaJuneja: #LPNY : fresh, youthful, adorable, amazingly sweet venture...totally in love with the movie..!!
  • MeDubai_: Review of London Paris New York The film may not have A-listers leading it forward, but the relative newbies put in a good effort
  • maneeshas_12: #LPNY so cute !! @AliZafarsays so hot !! Lalitapedia .. Gorgeous !!
  • MaanavVMehta: Watched lpny! Amazed! u feel aditirao and @AliZafarsays are actually havving an affair! Longdistancerelationship +ly shown ☺watch it guys
  • lovea118: LPNY a total refreshment :-) It was a different kind alltogether. @AliZafarsays- You totally have the charm ! Thank you ! Much much love <3
  • leharii_AZian: #lpny gave me all the feelings together.. Love cry hate trust hurt laugh simple smile innocence .. :) anger..
  • Kotagiri: London Paris Newyork!! Good watch
  • kirank11: #lpny is the best movie of the year :)
  • khananik90: just saw LPNY, nice film, thanks @AliZafarsays
  • kaleemkhokar: #LPNY.......a must [email protected] is just too good!!!!
  • jktweetme: One time watch movie 'london paris newyork',shoukd watch
  • jillrambhia: Just loved London Paris Newyork @AliZafarsays a long way to gooo, Without a question d upcoming superstar bollywood wil witness ♥
  • jayshreebajoria: LPNY. Refreshing. Ali Zafar & Aditi Rao Hydari are brilliant. Zafar is so charming! And the dialogues rock. Great job Rits. @AliZafarsays
  • IamShubhamR: LPNY and EK main aur ek tu good rom coms. Agneepath and Don 2 brought class to action films. Ra One took the tech style to the next level
  • iamsgrbid: recently watched lpny its nice and all da bst ali and da music is awesomes ting.
  • Fahadkhanchd: London Paris New York: London Paris New York is bold and beautiful! Producers Goldie Behl and Shristri Arya have... Newsdetail.asp?nid=55668
  • DevanshiPopat: London. Paris. NewYork. Watched it. Loved it.
  • Daniyal_AZian: #LPNY better than the last 3 rom-coms (EMAET, Ekk Deewana Tha & Jodi Breakers) put together. @AliZafarsays
  • chetnashettygar: London, Paris, New York <3 <3 <3 comes as a refreshing breeze !!!!!!
  • Capputte: LPNY & Paan Singh Tomar have been watched - Bwood makes up for it's screw ups in the last few weeks. Really Impressed. :-)
  • AuteurMark: Between all this #PaanSinghTomar love let me say I thought #LPNY was a really nice movie Just wish it was edited better Zafar + Rao = Great!
  • asimburney: Just watched #LPNY so refreshing to see a movie with a better 2nd half than 1st. Much better than I expected.
  • annstephenyo: London to Paaris..Paris to Neeew York!!! #LPNY.. Finally saw it>>>Me liiiiikey :D
  • anerinanavaty: #lpny #lpny #lpny #lpny <3 <3 <3 <3
  • Alishapriyanka: #LPNY Wohooo!the best movie ever by @AliZafarsays ..the chemistry b/w aditi and ali was just mindblowing..congrats to d whole team! :)
  • ajitjagtap: Saw LPNY too. Its a nice movie but felt it could have been lil longer and better.
  • ajaykant88: London Paris New York ...cooool ..aditi hydari <3
  • ahsansafi1: Ali Zafar AWESOME movie "LONDON PARIS NEWYORK" attracting youth
  • Ahsann90: #London Paris NewYork #Ali Zafar #Aditi Rao. A must watch movie. Loved it.
  • sherinashraf: Visited London Paris New York...1st half is slow & average. 2nd Half is good. The pair of Ali & Aditi looks fresh and cute...
  • MovieReviews_MS: 3/5 Review on London Paris New York Movie by pujat : LPN-3-days-unlimited-memories- -
  • cybermondayad: London Paris New York - 'Can watch' movie
  • AbhinavCJ: Watched LPNY. Ali Zafar & Aditi Rao made a fine pair & did quite well to make it watchable. Else I feel the screenplay could've been better.
  • yasirq: I never thought it would be so bad.. London, Paris, Newyork was really bad.. sorry @hurrali @Ayoussh my bad. hahahah
  • T_Durrani: #LPNY should have had more actors, and a much more strong story. You can't enjoy 2 actors appearing throughout the movie. #moviereviews
  • TheRealDjDanny: ' London Paris New York ' - Terrible Story And A Predictive Ending . The Only Good Ali Zafar Scene Was The Dramatic Ending Confession .
  • taimoormq: *face palm #LPNY
  • secretshreyes: London Paris New York = very slow screenplay, does'nt look realistic, aditi nd ali r lukin' beautiful, shot well, but does not connect 1.5*
  • rcjgangwar: 0 star to movie london paris new york
  • NabihaChauhdry: Expected better of @AliZafarsays couldn't get more disgusting. A fail union of Jub We Met, KHNH & Hum Tum, though more obscene. #Fail #LPNY
  • muddzk: Do yourselves a favor and don't watch London Paris New York. Dumbest movie ever.
  • movieROCKstar: London Paris New York : Movie Review: Not too many secrets on the emotion called love are unveiled in this comme...
  • Hiramjad: #LPNY is a pathetic movie. reminded me of #BeforeSunrise and #BeforeSunset.only difference,i absolutely loved these two.
  • drmalvika6: Wasted money on #LPNY..not even a one tym watch...!I think #PAanSingh Intoxication will be dere for months..!!
  • Bongster_Am: London Paris New York:Torturing people & challenging their intellect since 2nd March.Who the hell said this was cute & worth a 1 time watch!
  • Bilalkhan30: London Paris newyork. Pathetic.
  • aphrodiite: If London Paris Newyork had been London Paris China, it would have been called LPC ;)
  • akshay81: London Paris new York is a totally rubbish movie. Ali Zafar shud stick to singing coz he can't act.