Kahaani 2 - Preview

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quick review:

Sure, Kahaani 2 has good performances and a great underlying message to the story. But, unfortunately it isn't a tight thriller nor does it have an unpredictable story.



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Without a doubt Kahaani 2 is the most exciting sequel in this current shower of sequels. It's the fourth in 3 weeks out of which one was alright and the other two were outright bad – as films, not just as sequels. Since disappointment is typical for sequels, we have to tone the expectation down a notch.

It is difficult to do so though after the rise in curiosity with the trailer. However, I have to shake the feeling of Jazbaa out before walking into Kahaani 2.

Fortunately, we aren't going to be too surprised on the acting front, right? Oh wait, there's Arjun Rampal. But hey, even so, Vidya Balan has the potential to compensate for any and all other shortcomings on the acting front.

With all that's going against Kahaani 2 – the sequel syndrome, the [Jazbaa] story template, the possibility of supporting actors failing to do well – the film has enough to look forward to mainly because the story much meatier than the usual. Here's hoping it is so.

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