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I am Kalam charmingly visualizes the life of a little boy who has to work to sustain himself and his family. Its simplicity is works as both an advantage and a disadvantage. The easy-going narrative is a pleasant watch but too-good-to-be-true plot is distracting.



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  • _Outlier: 'I Am Kalam' is such a brilliant, cute film.
  • _maroo: I am Kalam is a heart warming film.
  • _gags: saw "I am Kalam" now...a well made movie....There is no destiny everything is karma
  • watelseshldido: #JustWatched I am Kalam. Awesome experience.!! Amazing film!!
  • vinaykumar346: I AM KALAM watch it guys........
  • Vikasnowal: Turned another usual weekend with an interesting experience to end it,saw “I am Kalam” & impressed with the way it has come up. Great effort
  • TheRaascal: I Am Kalam -A sweet story sweet hero a sweet message, Do watch guys tomorrow
  • TheBOON4all: Yaahhh its a superb movie RT @BeyShaRam: RT @ankash1009: All of you film champions, go watch "I am Kalam".great effort by Neel Madhab Panda
  • swarna04: "I Am Kalam" is a good watch I must say! Good story line and very relevant too
  • suryadeep_ag: "I am Kalam" .... Must watch
  • soumikrash: I AM KALAM is a sweet little film.dont miss!
  • sonicanowal: Nw wtchin "I am kalam"...gr8 movie!!!
  • smartmanas: watched... I AM KALAM... fantastic movie... hats off to NILA MADHAB PANDA>>>
  • singh_dr: Also, I Am Kalam was Beautiful :) Go watch.
  • singhcd: #singhcdFILMreviews I am kalam - a little film wid a big heart.A gut warming film dat doesn't preaches but puts d msg across in a subtle way
  • sindhudegapudi: 'I am Kalam' a must watch :)
  • Sid_breathacker: "i am kalam"...a must watch.. <3d it :)
  • Sethumadhavan: I am Kalam- a wonderful film that thankfully doesn't get into the emotional zone for comfort and yet delivers !!!
  • seghu: Must watch "I am Kalam". :)
  • Saumil_J: "i Am Kalam"; it says many things but in most simple way.
  • SaudMusheer: Watch "I am Kalam" #HighlyRecommended
  • SaikatGochhait: I Am Kalam is a winner...every Indian in spirit because it deals with a very Indian problem -- of widespread illiteracy and poverty..watch
  • rjmanoj: I am kalam ...amazing film please go and watch it
  • RjDhvanit: I am Kalam - 4 mirchis out of 5. Direct Dil Se! Not preachy kinds at all! Simple and brilliant narrative. Nice... https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10150237418525834&id=81800370833
  • riyaaz: "I am Kalam" was inspirational, rustic and humorous
  • ritika2611: Attempt #2: Saturday.. 4:45pm..'I Am Kalam'.. Six people in the hall and what a Beautiful film! #Nagpur, you'r missing out on something!
  • risingmarz: Indian cinema at it's best... Remarkable work.. I AM KALAM .. Loved it!!
  • riflemati: ‎"I Am Kalam" another awesome and Inspirational movie in recent times after Chillar party...A (cont) http://www.twitlonger.com/show/c6igtp
  • ReedhimaChandra: Just was the movie "I am Kalam" liked it !!
  • RajVaish: So.. I am kalam... Is a little slow... Yea.. But whatsoever lovely peaceful light n all of dat.!
  • raise_india: I AM KALAM is an inspiring film that needs to be encouraged. Reccomended!
  • pradnyayedavi: I am Kalam ......awesome movie...... and luvd Rajasthan.. wht a beautiful place to live in..
  • nroopbhavsar: Just watched "I am Kalam". Beautiful. Indian cinema at one of its best. @mitulsuthar thank you for recommendation. ☺ http://myloc.me/mobile.php?id=me0P0
  • nmahalle: "I am Kalam" - #Inspirational & Heartwarming . A must watch #Hindi #movie
  • NinadKarpe: Saw movie "I am Kalam" over the weekend. Simple, wonderful!
  • Nikhil_Dwivedi: I am kalam - a super movie guys! ;)
  • Navin_kumarv: 'I am Kalam' a charming little film
  • mishrasid: a ngo can make a classic cult movie like i am kalam but big banners like yrf amking craps like luv ka the end strange bollywood
  • MaYaNkThEcUtE: just watched a beautiful film- I AM KALAM
  • mayankdixit7: i am kalam is awesome :)
  • maur908: I am Kalam ...a must watch...
  • ManseeT: "i am kalam" a nice, simple movie with scenic rajasthan as the background :)
  • manishroy: Just watched 'I am Kalam'...got overwhelmed!
  • manishchodhary: Singham+ZNMD+Ready+Dabang+Delh​i Belly= I am Kalam,watchd today..fantastic movie
  • latikamoehta: I Am Kalam is an honest & sweet film.Watch it! #kalamrocks
  • kunaljp: I Am Kalam is a beautiful film
  • krishdk: I Am Kalam: A sweet film with a good heart. The kid is adorable. @pitobash congratulations!
  • krezboom: http://ping.fm/KBSO6 Review Try Not To Miss The Beautiful I Am Kalam Daily News Analysis
  • kaliom: Watch 'I am Kalam' ..nothing more to say bout..feel good movie..lil Iranian movie feel about it..
  • Jagmohan2170: i am kalam is nice move
  • iPaatil: 'I Am Kalam' leaves you uplifted and positive. Don't miss it. | My review - @aniguha @RelianceEnt
  • himanshuvora: I Am Kalam is rocking! Pls go watch it! Don't miss in theatre. Loved it. Kudos Nila Madhab Panda & team. Thank you for this film! #in
  • Himanshukjain: I am Kalam. Just overwhelmed with the poignant innocence of this gem of movie. Touches deepest core of the heart. 5/5
  • Hemant_0011: I AM kALAM very nice and messageful movie
  • harshal168: Bdw Loved I am Kalam..a must watch!! @sanketFMS U should watch this one..loved it!
  • gauravtiwari505: I am Kalam :) awesome
  • FaridoonS: Do try n catch 'I Am Kalam'.Its a film that touches a chord.A bit slow but u leave d cine hall with a smile.
  • elitistcaveman: Could not stand 'I am Kalam'. Why do we feel the need to portray this romanticized version of India to charm foreigners?
  • DiscoFighter1: I Am Kalam. A movie everyone should check out and not underestimate! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOZ3qQi24I8&feature=related
  • dhruvis: I Am Kalam is a very sweet film. Watch it if you can. :)
  • dhaasu_vasu: I am kalam a nice movie.
  • deviant5: Watched a movie called "I am Kalam" with yp. Loved it :-)
  • deepsinside: 'I Am Kalam'.. beautifully made! well crafted. #HarshMayar is a wonder kid :) Dont miss it :) kudos to #SmileFoundation. #IAmKalam #Educate
  • Dakoohaseena: I am Kalam - refreshingly nice!
  • creativepagal: i watched I Am Kalam last year at IFFI and its really amazing movie
  • Claramusician: The best thing of having an open heart is the fascinating things you can find around! I recommend this hindi movie: "I Am Kalam".
  • chonmore: Every parent should watch the movie 'I am Kalam' with their children...
  • chirag585: Amazing Movie- I AM KALAM !!!
  • chandrangshum: Just saw d film I Am Kalam...nice 1.
  • bollywood_life: I AM KALAM Review: The film is a winning proposition: The film more than makes up for its failings with sheer he... http://www.bollywoodlife.com/news-gossip/i-am-kalam-review-the-film-is-a-winning-proposition/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=bollywood
  • bobspop: i am kalam has been made with a very noble thought.superb thaught worth applauding
  • bizzarebhide: I Am Kalam garnering excellent reviews. Saw the movie months ago .. Folks, do go watch it; its small little gem that will touch your heart.
  • bewitched931: i am kalam. Awesome movie!
  • barmecharajat: Saw 'I am Kalam' ....excellent film...great performances...Go, watch it guys :))))
  • ashokkw: I AM KALAM - must watch movie... Harsh Mayar has done justice to the role...
  • arnabBj: "I am Kalam" Dont ignore this kind of movie, and when @shreyaghoshal gives her voice in a movie, dont dare to miss it.
  • Appy_apps: watched "I am Kalam"...lovely movie....true emotions!!
  • ankitkchaudhary: 'I am Kalam' BEAUTIFUL movie...'mutthi me kuchh ho na ho, In ankhon me he sapana', aftr long time, BEAUTIFUL.I mean it !
  • ankash1009: All of you film champions, go watch "I am Kalam".. great effort by Neel Madhab Panda..
  • AniGuha: 'I Am Kalam' is such a cute, heartwarming film, you wish more and more people watch it.
  • amitjaju: Just attended the premier of "I am Kalam"...amazing film...highly recommend everybody to catch it this weekend...its beautiful.
  • AkshayAnant: Try, if possible, to watch the movie "I AM KALAM"... Even Big B has tweeted much about it some days before... "I AM KALAM" releases 2mrw...
  • advantej1: 'I Am Kalam' is a charming, heartwarming tale. You'll be glad you didn't miss this!
  • aditya_grover: Brief review of this week's releases I AM KALAM: A heart-warming script, put up beautifully on the celluloid.... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=194119&l=7e98c0dbb1&id=101967029898190
  • aaroo4: If u don't watch delhi belly/znmd/veppam/etcetc its alright,but watch this movie.☺ An absolute must watch- "I am kalam.."