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The story - beyond the lead lady turning into a prostitute - might still have worked, I can imaginably have given that much to the writers. But, the film that it has turned into is certainly well worth hating. From acting to music to pretty much everything else, Hate Story pushes your patience to the brink.



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66 tweeters have given Hate Story an average rating of 2.6/5.0(?)

29 yays
27 nays
10 so-so
  • ze_us: 2 things - Vicky Donor is being a tad too over rated.. And secondly 'Hate Story' has no grt steamy scenes.. Moral, Go watch 21 Jumpstreet!
  • younus257: HATE STORY is so bold.. tat its cold.. What else can Bollywood produce. Its not erotic.. its neurotic
  • vravjani: Hate Story n Vicky Donor ........................... r awsum movies !!! :) :))
  • Vkcuriousxxx: Hate story is a good movie
  • vishyblues: Hate Story - is thanda and boring all the helping of soft porn thrown in by ignoring logic's ends up in zero sex appeal http://www.indiaglitz.com/channels/hindi/review/15372.html
  • Vishal_tekwani: I hate love stories. Now i hate hate story also
  • vijayRathod10: Hate story is not a bad story....woman can do anything to take revenge...
  • vijaygeorge4u: 'Hate Story' lacks a genuine storyline. There is nothing beyond some skin show of Paoli Dam.
  • varungrover: Little known fact: Hate Story's original title was "Hate Story, Screenplay, Dialogue; Love Paoli Dam"
  • usmanraja: Watched hate story last night was very interesting hmm. Teaches u lessons big timee
  • tweetamittweet: Hate Story is a really good film!
  • Tomm_Dogg: I rated Hate Story 7/10 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2309987 #IMDb
  • theuttkarsh: Hate Story is a hate crime against the sex-starved
  • tahakags: Hate story... Nice movie:)
  • TactifierJatan: 'Hate Story' awesome thriller movie..!! A very diff script..!! Must watch..!!
  • surya2gr8: i FUCK the people...... who FUCK me........... :P -hate story... worth a watch.. :)
  • SRGtweets: But Hate Story had a typical Bollywood style which made it a flop in the middle of the 2nd half ... Ppl expected more from Paoli !
  • Souvikbasu_19: Yesterday watched Hate Story,story line was not gr8,Paoli's acting was plus point to the movie.Skin show decent.
  • sjoshipura: Hate Story 's Direction is ok ! Background Score - Poor ! Dialoges - Nice ! Paoli (is) DAM Hott ! Sensuous ! Avoidable !
  • singhcd: Hate Story -(cont.)apart from preaching.So when the film is so foolish, why it is still watchable? Simple - it is fast paced.(cont.)
  • shyamve: Hate story was irritating and screwed... Paoli has shed clothes through out..
  • Shiven_007: Hate Story:Awful Movie
  • shadymumbai: Vicky Donor is as good a movie As bad a movie Hate Story is ....
  • sekhardalmia: #Hate Story,nice script.Njoyed...Goodnyt folks
  • Saurav_Patel: Hate Story...Predictable story...but some good performances...Paoli was exceptional...
  • sant066243: Hate story is a good movie.simply mirroring the bad politics in corporate world
  • saahilchadha: Saw Hate Story.. Interesting
  • rohansingh87: #vikram bhatt's movies are different and they reflects somewhat a true image of life. #hate story is such a movie.
  • realslimswamy: Hate Story is so insipid and so long that if you enter the cinema hall with popcorn, you will leave with corn-sprouts.
  • ravoorikrishna: morning...guys i have seen the film HATE STORY yesterday its really good to watch....
  • rakeshkumarkar: Hate Story ... what is it..!!??? Deadeningly #boring and outstandingly #mediocre ..!!
  • RaehanRahman: I love "Hate story-the movie"
  • r1kartik: Could have been so much better than the eventual result. Please dont give Vivek Agnihotri any more movies HATE STORY http://kartikr.blogspot.in/2012/04/hate-story.html
  • Praxticus: Vicky Donor..... nice movie.... liked it much more than the shitty hate story!!
  • Pratyancha: Hate story. Not that bad actually :O
  • PARAGROCKSTAR1: Hate story is very worst movie of the year
  • oye_gujju: yup nice movie dear>> RT: @shruteeism: So a friends reviews about Hate Story is good. Nice.
  • Nikita_erudite: Liked Vicky Donor as well as Hate Story:)
  • Meichirosena: Did anyone watch the "Hate Story?". You'd love to Hate it.
  • magiclegspratik: If you watch Hate Story with a lot of expectations about it being an erotic thriller you are bound to be disappointed Rating: **
  • madBoyAbanil: I hate love story...... But i love hate story..... @hateStory_film
  • LovedTweet: Hate Story Review: It's Bold, yet Gripping! http://bit.ly/HX9lCi
  • KumarPrashaant: So happy for the way VICKY DONOR and HATE STORY have been received by audiences. I enjoyed both very much and... http://fb.me/1P096aHr0
  • karrnb: Vicky Donor is like Hrithik Roshan . Smart ..Fun ..And gets a smile on u.. Hate story is like Rakhi SAWANT.. Saggy ..irritating and screwed
  • kalluru: watch hate story movie for paoli dam u luv it!
  • JaskaranGautam: Now talking about Hate story it an average movie and just revolves around kavya and her revenge and how she uses men to take her revenge..
  • iSuvigya_dubey: Hate story. I've dared to watch it. And I advise you NOT to watch this movie.
  • idevraani: Today wtchng #hate_story it ws awsm....
  • iamjpk: Hate Story. Sexcellent.
  • Hiren_Amin: Just saw movie HATE STORY...Actually it's not a hate story... A must watch movie...
  • hhuzefah: enjoyed vicky donor n hate story .. ayushmann khurana and paoli dam with their amazing performance... :)
  • gopaldey88: Hate Story f***ing entertaing... paoli is next silk paoli...
  • filmysushanth: Just watchd hate story movie....we cant hate movie n d story...just loved it....:) business politics n politics in d business...:)
  • chocolatychandu: watched Hate Story this weekend and guess what ? I really Hated the Story...
  • CHANDNIKATARIA: Watchd Hate Story, I wondr y d end hd 2b so stupid!!?? Gud efforts by vikram bhatt but wud wan2 wish him bettr luck nxt tym!! :p :p
  • BolegaGossips: Vikram Bhatt's erotic thriller Hate Story lacks novelty! http://ow.ly/aqqDj
  • bhaskart69: Watched "Hate Story". Okayish movie. Felt the Vidya Balan would have been a better choice in the lead role.
  • BetterReading: Liked "Hate Story", esp its story.
  • AsawaKrishna: vicky donor & hate story nice films **** stars
  • ArunChakraDel: Bengal's Didi's name is referred twice in the film, 'Vicky Donor', already a far away winner over 'Hate Story'
  • arppaul: watched 'Hate Story,....Paoli is too bold to watch..bt d story of this film is not bad at all..:-)
  • anujbidhuri3737: hate story ..sexy n hot muvi . ;) naomi :*
  • anky666: Hate Story was as expected. But made up for that by meeting my bestest people later. There is something special about school friends. ♥
  • amitkolte: Vicky Donor and Hate Story.....good movies for the weekend
  • Aadii_: Hate story is nothing but another story to Hate. Apart from one reason, the girl failed to justify her Profession & LUST!! #bollywood
  • 25hb: Hate story is a 1 star porn movie.