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Wong Kar Wai’s Happy Together is one of the most important gay romances ever, thanks to its subtle expressionisms of love, caring and heart-break. Winner of the Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival, this one’s a must watch to appreciate the depth in queer relationships, especially after all the damage Dostana and Kantaben have done to our minds. PS: You’d want to book your flight to the Iguazu waterfalls in Argentina once you’ve seen this film.



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Plot Summary

The film begins with a rather explicit lovemaking scene between the two, after which Po Wing abandons Yui Fai, when both are touring Argentina on a holiday. Without enough money to return to Hong Kong, the former turns into a philanderer and soon, hooks up with multiple men, often bringing them to the same bar where Yui Fai finds employment. One day, a very drunk Yui Fai lands up at Po Wing’s room and in a fit of violent rage, expresses his regret about their failed relationship. Po Wing doesn’t relent, until one day, bleeding profusely, he comes back to him, suggesting that they both start over again, on a fresh note. With a bit of resistance, Yui Fai relents. However, things don’t remain that way for long.