Delhi 6 - Preview

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A beautiful non-story with a very deeply-rooted, oft-repeated, overdose of standard philosophy.



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NOT A REVIEW - just wondering what the Oscar committee would say if they listened to this soundtrack...

Oh my god! I get to watch Waheeda Rahman on big screen again! True, there isn't a single grandma who isn't adorable. But this one is way too charming. Just look at her -

Not to mention, watching Abhishek Bachchan here makes me feel like watching the movie versus his recent venture Drona, where the words drone and rona (wailing) came to mind before any thought of the cast. The promos of Delhi-6 too have something very poetic about them. There's something more than the music and the lyrics that say, "I'm going to be beautiful, come watch me."

Meanwhile the music and the lyrics are awesome! In 'masakalli' you instantly know that it is as much about the dove as it is about the spirit of the character and her aspirations. And what wonderful lines, these from 'maula' -

Daraare daraare maathe pe maula Marammat muqaddar ki kar do maula

(Cracks (of misfortune) on walls (of my forehead), O Lord, Mend my fate, O Lord...)

And I don't even identify with these words. Such a beautiful prayer by a person who is stuck in life. Really makes me look forward to the dialogues, screenplay, and story by the lyricist Prasoon Joshi.

So, what's the story about? A guy who was born and brought up in Ame-rika. Pause. Will he have an accent? Quick search result finds Abhishek Bachchan saying this on Bollywood Hungama -

We worked out an accent. I had an accent coach
Once I was ready, we did another reading with Rakeysh ...when I heard it again, I said, "You know what I feel is going to happen is that this film is so rooted to India and Indian culture and it's so meant for the Indian audience that it can alienate them to some extent because they might have trouble understanding what I was saying".
We went for a faint hint of the accent. So in spite of training for a month we eventually did not go for it while we were on the sets.

Uh...let's give them the benefit of doubt and not wonder about whether the one-month training didn't help much in growing an accent. We are generous today and hoping that there's no excuse for inconsistency in the 'faint hint of accent'.

Anyway, so this US-bred visits India for some reason or the other and well, inevitably falls in love with the country and obviously a NRI-skeptic, Indian woman! A la Swades? Like Swades, Delhi-6 has a Ram Leela too. It promises more, though.

Director, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra mentions in his notes on the official site -

We are all living in difficult times. Delhi6 urges us to look within and if there is an answer then it is love because that's the law of nature and its creation.

Aaaaaww. How sweet is that? Here's hoping it doesn't hurt diabetics. I've enjoyed his earlier movies - Aks more than Rang de Basanti. Yes, you read that right. But, as with all movies about Dilli shahar (city of Delhi), I'm wary of being Delhi-OD'ed.

Yet, its awfully clear that I'm looking forward to this one. I'm sure many of you are too. Like blogger Kanupriya loved the 'maula' song as much as I did, or even more.

What about this movie are you looking forward to? Essence of Delhi? Waheeda Rahman? A. R. Rahman? Prasoon Joshi,Abhishek Bachchan? Sonam Kapoor? Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra? Anything else? What combination thereof?