Chashme Baddoor - Preview

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Chashme Baddoor is loud (like that's a surprise!), shamelessly mind-numbing, and exceeds your expectations at being miles away from logical. Bad performances, awful one-liners, ridiculously thoughtless situations make it even worse.



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Chashme Baddoor, a David Dhawan film starring Ali Zafar in the lead. That description by itself is a turn off for most, except, I guess, if you are charmed by Ali Zafar's chocolate boy looks. The trailers take this ahead and confirm that you really have very little to look forward to in the film. To top it off, it is a remake of what is considered a classic from the 80s. Something, not many from that generation would want changed, in the first place - let alone be tarnished to this extent.

I'm not a huge fan of the original Chashme Buddoor from 1981. There I said it. Even so, you just cannot forget the charm created by the simplicity (or even naiveté) of the characters. This is enhanced by the cozy ambiance created by the music, the lack of background score, the minimalistic use of light and camera and last but not the least the homely production design. The subtle satire is completely enjoyable too.

However, the 1981 film had general objectification of women as its basic premise and that didn't go well with me. It gave me the creeps then as it does now. Also, the conflict in the story comes too late. I am all for simple stories that don't really have any conflict but are just interestingly told - like a Chupke Chupke or an Anand. But with this one, the conflict comes so late after a smooth ride that it seems to be forced in.

Despite that, all the things Chashme Buddoor had going for it, Chashme Baddoor of our times seems to be throwing out of the window. As I write this piece, I am trying hard to find at least some thing that might save the film. Maybe we will have a few hearty laughs. It will be refreshing to see a genuine the satire that the 1981 film carried, refitted to our times. But satire has to be subtle and that's not exactly director, David Dhawan's strong suit. The music doesn't seem to have pleased too many people either.

It would be a shame if the only thing going for the film is the group of people, like a friend of mine, who want to watch the film, to see how badly they mess the original up.

But, hey maybe all these apprehensions will be proven wrong. Looking forward to that.

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