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When you feel bad for the actors, you don't need to say any more about the film.



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37 tweeters have given All Is Well an average rating of 1.6/5.0(?)

11 yays
24 nays
2 so-so
  • RAMSRAGA: Must watch All is Well.Great movie with noble Msg...
  • oorajnish: किसी आलोचक के ढाई सितारे मुझे हंसने से नहीं रोक सकते। #All_Is_Well मनोरंजक फिल्म है आप रिस्क ले सकते हैं।यकीनन हंसते हुये घर लौटेंगे।
  • Nafees_Ansari_: Alteast gotta see a good story after a long time!! All Is Well!!
  • moxisahilawyer: Watched nice movie All is Well
  • khalidrafiq141: All Is Well review: Rishi Kapoor hams, Abhishek Bachchan 'acts' and everything's boring
  • JashanTV: Umesh Shukla has passed the litmus test with his second outing, All Is Well. It is a full on family entertainer...
  • D9pq1XJDj2fiZvK: all is well jarur dekhiye r.k film
  • BMXCorporation: All Is Well Trite yet entertaining
  • ashisharpita: All Is Well a 100% family entertainment movie, Abhi nic job..
  • arlene_castillo: all is well all is well all is well
  • aishdiaheartfan: All Is Well amazing movie loved it
  • tomjerry_fans: All Is Well movie review: Abhishek Bachchan?s movie is trite yet entertaining
  • srivastavkush1: Whatched all is well yesterday and was awesome movie Rlly nimmi nd inder make a Gud couple
  • _smoon: Just woke up to find that #MUFC is shit. All is well, back to bed.
  • zimmyzim: All is well ☺️
  • Veer_Rock1992: डिजास्टर है 'All Is Well', TV पर आने का करें इंतजार movie review by #bhaskarnews @juniorbachchan Bhai app kya kahenge dosto ne kaha achi hai
  • swatirgurjar1: Film maker movie public ke liye banate he or public ko hi banate bhi he Like : all is well
  • scroll_in: Film review: ‘All is Well’ is a poorly written, messily made, lazily performed, hollow effort
  • Rohkyv: Happy to know that All Is Well is a flop movie. Starcast Abhishek Bachchan, Asin, Rishi Kapoor etc. doesn't mean it will be a good script.
  • RK_HUNTERR: Abhishek is a gentleman . He should avoid doing films like All is well .
  • Prtk_Live: BY THE WAY, don't get a conclusion by my Tweets on ALL is Well that it's a Bad's quite an entertaining movie @actorzee rocks!!
  • Piyushgriffin: Please dont watch all is well, 3 hour like whole dayy
  • NadeemMd: Could not help writing this but one of the bad movies all is well
  • MovieKeeda: After giving a thought provoking hit like Oh My God, Umesh Shukla comes up with a mediocre comedy “All Is Well”....
  • kaunsimovie: All is not well with "All is Well" ⭐⭐ read complete review on
  • HRITHIKSAINI1: Sir you're film All is Well is a very boring and time West film, why are you act for this film @juniorbachchan @chintskap
  • GuttuG: All is well dekhi kal. Kya bakwass film hai yaar. Bahut dino baad aisi ghatiya filma dekhi 3/10
  • dileeprajapatii: फिल्म- रिव्यू: ‘ऑल इज वेल’ में कुछ भी वेल नहीं
  • dibyaalok_tweet: #All_is_well Painful 2 hours. A super super super boring movie to watch out.
  • dhakalmira: All is well. All is not well.. #Saturday #movie.
  • Dev_105: Today saw ALL IS WELL but it is not so WELL...
  • Devilmani15: Watched all is well movie is d worst movie of this decade.
  • ChitariSagar: All is well is fail half star
  • bollyfusion: All Is Well review: This Abhishek Bachchan starrer will put you to sleep
  • BATOLEBAZI: महानायक पुत्र की एक फिल्म आयी है All Is Well जरूर देखिये लगेगा All Is Hell
  • AshveerSingh06: With All Is Well Abhishek Bachchan proves that the apple did fall far away from the tree. Talent is NOT hereditary. In need of therapy now!
  • anirudhbb: "All Is Well" is without doubt the worst movie so far in 2015. Why is even Abhishek Bacchan in the movies still. He makes it worst. #fb